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Talking about 'SURVIVAL'... ( "What are you going to write in your blog about today?" someone asked, and I said, "Not much. I'll probably need to sleep." And I was right. )

I don't have anything huge and controversial to say. The last time I had anything controversial to say was ten years ago, and it almost got me kicked out of university. Hahah!

Message sent.

It was true then, and it's no less true today. This is an artform in which you can make magic. Magic for kids, magic for adults. And that is what these work and writing are about. Not withstanding those who like to think of comics as a cheap feeder unit for capitalism and escapism, that's what this effort is all about.

We should be brave and proud of ourselves. We should do more than patting ourselves on the back. They are more than marketing tools, more than pretty things to hang on a wall and be bold of, if you've got one, or envy or disdain if you haven't.

Represent you... strive for excellence. Doing it as well as you can and doing it better.

It's about improving the medium. If you win an award someday, strive for excellence. If you want one, do it better, if you feel it went to the wrong man or woman, boys or girls and it should have been yours, then do it better next time, whatever it is that you do. Strive toward excellence. If the judges and juries don't put you on the final list, then f*** 'em and let posterity be your judge. If you feel that great work by other people is going unrecognised and unrewarded, then make a noise about it. Tell everyone you know. Word of mouth is still one of the best sales tools there is.

Nobody wants a world of identikit comics. Do the comics only you can do. Tell the stories only you can tell. Do not lose sight of the fact that this is an industry that can create real art.

And in the meanwhile, do it better. And love what you do.


Magic for kids, magic for adults.

AND magic envelope for Jane !!
faizalmukhtar berkata…
[zeekster yang show-off]

...magic janes my arse! Aku tau ini semua inisiatif sebab tak lunaskan job RTM tu kan?!

Chaiss! Revenge is cold.