Jumaat, Ogos 08, 2008

The Value of My Sanity premieres !

" The Value of My Sanity is the brainchild of four passionate, talented and award-winning people from various creative backgrounds to fuse creative expressions onto films. Instilling our innate and limitless imagination from respective fields; photography, scriptwriting, architecture, visual and design, we tune our creative forces to invent an award winning film. Visit us at www.thevalueofmysanity.com for a full coverage of the independent film. "

We are throwing an exclusive get-together screening on the 22nd August 2008, 8:30pm at the Annexe which will start off with a debut screening of The Value of My Sanity and followed by performances by Estrella, Yuna and Otam!

Please RSVP stating your name and phone number to goatfilmsproductions@gmail.com. Only confirmed RSVP will be allowed entry. Entry is of minimum donation of RM10. Send your RSVP as soon as possible as seats are limited! Also, there’ll be finger foods for everyone! :)

Dress code: Wear comfortably in either black, white or both.

If you have any queries, kindly email Zachary at goatfilmsproductions@gmail.com or call him at 016-2330771.



Cik Puan Muda Stress berkata...

so it goes without saying la aku ada VIP seat kan?

faizalmukhtar berkata...


it goes with a saying or two actually:

1. there is no VIP seat
2. please be indie, jangan posh sangat... eeii!!! gerammnyee guaaa!!!

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