Jumaat, Ogos 15, 2008

First Look: 'Iron Man' DVD Deleted Scene

Check out this deleted scene. It's one of many once the DVD comes out. No wonder la tak keluar wayang.... PANAS! PANAS! PANAAASSS!!!

You can watch the clip HERE

Aku tak berani nak bubuh sini. Takut di tuduh pervert.

Billionaire playboy


Lifestyles of the rich, famous... and superhero. Iron Man a.k.a TONY STARK and Batman a.k.a BRUCE WAYNE have many things in common. They’re all human and they’re both Billionaire playboys. They love to party, they have expensive toys and they find it easy to sleep with any girl they want.

Here are some scenes from both movies for comparison purposes:


* Tony Stark races his butler by driving Audi R8, License plate STARK4
* Bruce Wayne likes to drive Lamborghini.. just to appear subtle.


* Tony Stark who is a mechanical/computer nerd designs his own suit and every component that comes with it.
* Bruce Wayne who is a businessman hires Lucius Fox to come up with the coolest stuff for his extracurricular program.


* Tony Stark got that amazing Malibu property complete with its own computer generated butler
* Bruce Wayne has Wayne Manor and the Penthouse and he has his own human butler, Alfred


* Tony Stark can turn an attractive reporter who hates his gut into a one night stand experience
* Bruce Wayne often shows up to a party with two or three amazing super models by his side.


* Tony Stark has a private Jetplane that requires the stewardess to perform strip dance.
* Bruce Wayne has a nice big boat that can contain the whole cast of a ballet show.

Don’t you sometimes wish you could be just like them?! Even for just one day.

So…Which one is the coolest Billionaire Playboy?

Which one is your favorite?

Who do YOU want to be??


Maya berkata...

mm..i'm thinking a number between 1 and 5..then tony and bruce pun jawap 3..then mercun pun meletup-letup..:D

faizalmukhtar berkata...


its incredible of how you know their 'maths'.

cute. pretty cute.

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