Jumaat, Ogos 22, 2008

countdown to tonite

We, the ever curious and bickering people at Goat Films, have decided that the subject matter of our first film would be a simple story about a person’s fall from grace. It is nothing as spectacular as an epic fall, just a usual, normal everyday stumble that most of us would inevitably face along this journey called life.

Have we not had moment in our lives where, for whatever tragic reason, we have felt utterly helpless, and in that helplessness we have lost all sense of hope? What then? What would be our motivation to go on? If you have not had the uncomfortable luck in dealing with this morbid question of being, then consider yourself profoundly lucky.

The focus when such situations arise would not be on the problem itself, but on how to deal with it.

So... how do we deal?

What would drive a person to insanity?

Is Elvis and John Lennon actually the same person?

What happens when forever turns out to be just a weekend?

What occurs during that fragile transition between sanity and madness?

How do we deal?


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