Sabtu, Ogos 30, 2008

here it comes. here it comes.

2 days to puasa,
1 day to Merdeka,
The things on mind,
is some part anarchy,
is some part chaos.

...does that look Joker-ly?

But that is some parts,
and some parts only.

Coming back to my senses,
Not becoming indenial,
Maafkan aku dunia,
Mungkin aku 'berlaku' songsang.

Ya, itu pujangga kata Pyanhabib dulu-dulu.

Ikhtiar dan kehendak
Rinduku yang sebenar.

Bintang-bintang ke syurga.

Pertama percaya,
Dua tak putus asa,
Tiga terus terima,
Empat tak berubah-ubah,
Kelima berserah,
Enam pentingkan yang sedia,

Tujuh yang terpaling istimewa.

Kalau ada isi mestilah ada bekasnya.
Kalau ada benda mestilah ada namanya.

And I am here still.

Being conscious.

Art: Lee Bermejo from the upcoming THE JOKER

Jumaat, Ogos 29, 2008

rawatan mengejut di tempat kejadian.

Pengalaman membaca suratkhabar milik kerajaan ini di pagi hari adalah satu pengalaman yang mengingatkan saya kepada nasib yang diterima kawan-kawan saya di sebuah firma pengiklanan malam Jumaat tadi. Mereka juga saya khuatiri telah terkena badi/kerasukan itu. Tapi nampaknya mereka ini tidaklah membawa bencana atau mudarat kepada pejabat-pejabat kejiranan yang lain yang sama kawasan dengannya.

Dan saya tidak rasa juga mereka mahukan darah atau nyawa.

Mereka hanya mahukan secebis simpati.

Kesian. Tidak tergambar nampaknya gambar ini dalam kotak fikiran kita apa yang tergambar dikotak fikirannya.

Setelah dikejutkan dan dijampi beberapa dozen kali, dia masih gagal digerakkan untuk turun minum di mapley tingkat bawah.

Hezron... Mana payment gua, gua dah nak kena tangkap pihak berkuasa ni?!

Khamis, Ogos 28, 2008

Facebook : The Movie. FOR REAL.

YES. You heard me right, facebook is coming out with it's own movie. It's gonna be done by Aaron Benjamin Sorkin. The same guy that brought you A Few Good Men, The Rock, Schindler's List, Charlie Wilson's War and of course two of my favorite TV show, The West Wing and Studio 60.


HERE is the bloody proof.

ini hari kita cuci mata sikit tengok robot-robotan sedang beraksi


Autobots parade from higher up and a new purple car that is being prepared for filming before driving away, as the camera zooms in you can clearly see the Chevy’s “Volt” name on the rear.

This vehicle was previously confirmed in July. Though this one does look a lot more slick than the concept image.Click above to see the video.

The sequel to Michael Bay's Transformers movie - TRANSFORMERS 2: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN with a projected June 29th 2009 release date is in full swing! So, let us see what's cooking...


Optimus Prime kembali lagi!

Adakah ini HOT ROD ? Apa pendapat kalian ??!

Ironhide - menyorok.

BumbleBee - separuh disorok.

Tak tau apa namanya lagi tapi ni kereta Chevrolet Trax...

Ni pulak Chevrolet Beat.

Frenzy still wrecking havoc. Banyak lagi DECEPTICON yang tak menampakkan diri lagi setakat ni. Tak sabar nak tengok robot-robot jahat baru. Aku dengar lagi dahsyat.

Siapa and who is apa ?

Transformers fleet in preparation for transport - the Chevy Beat, Chevy Trax, Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Ironhide and most importantly capturing our first clear shots of the slick silver car, thought to be a Chevy Corvette ZR1 or C7, though the rear panels on both of those do not fit with this model. The latest rumor puts it as a reintroduction of the popular Chevy Stingray, with the styles and aura of previous incarnations. Whatever it is, VERY-VERY SEXY.

Scene yang nampaknya militari-militari sikit.

Tak silap aku ni scene yang mana diorang tukar Long Beach, Miami jadi Hong Kong ke China ke... sebab aku nampak ada signboard berbahasa kanji-kanto.

Aku harap jadi robot jugak la trak askar ni. Macam cun!

Seriously, guys... what's the deal with the ice-cream truck bot ?!! Apakah ianya perlu?

Shia 'Witwicky'. Badan lecur main mercun kot.

Megan Fox. WOWEEE

Shia dengan Miss Fox.

Superbike tu ARCEE ke agak-agak? Masuk ni dah 3 versi dah aku lihat di interent.

The Autobots “rolling out” shows Bumblebee, Optimus, the silver Corvette, Ironhide, the Chevy Beat, Chevy Trax all driving in formation.

Rabu, Ogos 27, 2008

what's on my mind for the next few weeks.

Talking about 'SURVIVAL'... ( "What are you going to write in your blog about today?" someone asked, and I said, "Not much. I'll probably need to sleep." And I was right. )

I don't have anything huge and controversial to say. The last time I had anything controversial to say was ten years ago, and it almost got me kicked out of university. Hahah!

Message sent.

It was true then, and it's no less true today. This is an artform in which you can make magic. Magic for kids, magic for adults. And that is what these work and writing are about. Not withstanding those who like to think of comics as a cheap feeder unit for capitalism and escapism, that's what this effort is all about.

We should be brave and proud of ourselves. We should do more than patting ourselves on the back. They are more than marketing tools, more than pretty things to hang on a wall and be bold of, if you've got one, or envy or disdain if you haven't.

Represent you... strive for excellence. Doing it as well as you can and doing it better.

It's about improving the medium. If you win an award someday, strive for excellence. If you want one, do it better, if you feel it went to the wrong man or woman, boys or girls and it should have been yours, then do it better next time, whatever it is that you do. Strive toward excellence. If the judges and juries don't put you on the final list, then f*** 'em and let posterity be your judge. If you feel that great work by other people is going unrecognised and unrewarded, then make a noise about it. Tell everyone you know. Word of mouth is still one of the best sales tools there is.

Nobody wants a world of identikit comics. Do the comics only you can do. Tell the stories only you can tell. Do not lose sight of the fact that this is an industry that can create real art.

And in the meanwhile, do it better. And love what you do.

Selasa, Ogos 26, 2008

writing serious comics (again)


Comic books. They're not just for kids, you know.

Not anymore as far as I'm concern.

Despite the success of the superhero movies now and the slew of comics-based movies which had-coming and up-coming to a cinema near you every single year, comic books themselves remain marginalised. They're still largely considered the domain of kids. Seriously. Especially here in Malaysia.

Much of this reputation is due to the effects of the public or general awareness, a set of reactionary guidelines, the effects of comics on youngsters and bla-bla-bla. It essentially restricted the medium to childish themes. Even primary international publishers, namely DC and MARVEL struggled for decades to make 'things different'.

It wasn't until the mid-80s that the global industry (which was dominated by the international English language scene) broke free. In 1986, the twin giants of modern comics appeared. WATCHMEN by writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons and BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS by artist/writer Frank Miller. These titles introduced dark satire, media savvy and grim urban visions and represented a fundamental shift in the medium. Malaysia was only recently effected, thanks to Hollywood capitalist/film makers.

After its mid-80s success, DC launched VERTIGO, an imprint that nurtured the talent of a new breed of comics creators. Today, innovative comics creators find employment across the spectrum of publishers, with them writing seriously over mainstream titles for MARVEL and DC. Serious and artistic work is riding high in the bestseller lists, providing a fascinating satire of the very franchise-oriented culture that spawned it.

And yes, all the best comic books writers comes from Britannia.

Frank Miller continues to create excellent comics like Sin City, a vice-drenched series of noir tales that function as a resounding riposte to the legacy of the Comics Code ( macam FINAS la ni). Alan Moore, who in the 90s created the Jack the Ripper investigation From Hell (the film version starred Johnny Depp) after the success of Watchmen and V for Vendetta, also still writing superb titles. Among them The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which unites characters from Victorian fantastical literature. The most subversive yet is Lost Girls which is an erotic graphic novel depicting the sexual adventures of three important female fictional characters of the late 19th and early 20th century: Alice from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz and Wendy Darling from Peter Pan. They meet as adults and describe and share some of their erotic adventures with each other. But enough of that. I didn't read it myself as it is extremely rare (and expensive!). Alan Moore still remains one of my favorite writer despite his dispute and abandonment of mainstream comics.

I, too, refuse to say anything of Neil Gaiman's comics work as that one is particularly reserved for another time and space. It can't be generalized here.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis' POWERS offers another twist on how real society would cope with the presence of superbeings. Bendis also writes various commercial titles for MARVEL . Another distinctive indie-turned-mainstream title is Hellboy by artist/writer Mike Mignola. His art is uber-cool.

Joss Whedon, Geoff Johns, Mark Millar, Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, Brad Meltzer, Brian K. Vaughn, Damon Lindelof, Jodi Picoult and Jeph Loeb are among the big shots who have made it to the Hollywood/Comic Book Land inter-section. Please wiki them for more info.

The diversity of comics currently available is remarkable. Certainly many comics still pander to the pubescent male, but beyond these are the titles that cater for all tastes - even those of intelligent adults.

Isnin, Ogos 25, 2008

Ahad, Ogos 24, 2008

ANARKI SUKAN di beijing!

OK. Olimpik abis hari ni, apa highlight yang aku rasakan best? Mestilah yang berunsur kontroversi dan melanggar semangat kesukanan yang hakiki! Baru punkrock...

Ni TOP 3 gua.

# 3
Underage gymnasts : Is China cheating?

# 2
Swedish wrestler Ara Abrahamian was so unimpressed by winning a bronze medal he threw a tantrum after receiving it.

# 1
Cuba's Angel Valodia Matos kicked the match referee in the head. The Olympic men's heavyweight taekwondo tournament descended into chaos.

Sabtu, Ogos 23, 2008


Pada hari semalam iaitu pada 22 Ogos 2008, terlancarlah filem pertama hasil gigih dan swadaya tekun para produksi Goat Films setelah beberapa bulan bertungkus lumus semenjak dari awal tahunnya membikin sesuatu yang pada peringkat awalnya bermula dengan satu impian.

Syabas semua!

Akhirnya berjaya kita mengorak sesuatu yang bersifat seniman-seniman ala indipenden. Ayuh, kita saksi suasananya disana malam tadi yang berlangsung di Annexe, Pasar Seni.

Ni tajuk filemnya, THE VALUE OF MY SANITY. Dalam Bahasa Ibunda mungkin jua terjemahannya, NILAI YANG TERMAKTUB DALAM KEWARASANKU agaknya...

Orang yang datang. Kena beratur. Register dulu, ambik-ambik dulu apa yang patut. Exclusive ni, nak oiii!!!

Tuan Penerbit/Produser. Zachary Ong, bukan main serius. Gentar gua nak tegur malam tadi.

Penulis asal cerita ni, Shariman. Juga merangkap MC. Terkejut aku, apahal tetiba kau jadi MC ni pulak ???

Razif, Pengarah Seni dengan separuh Telor hanya kelihatan sedikit. Ya, nama mamat ni Telor.

Mat Telor (tengah) dan konco-konco telorannya memberi bantuan apa yang patut. Posing cam haram.

Hah! Tuan Pengarah, Idzwan Junaidi. Menampilkan bodyguardnya yang mana ntah aku tak pernah nampak sebelum ni. Angkuh sungguh!

Orang dah start ramai. Mana sempat, ada yang sambar merchandise yang disediakan. Aku sambar makan-minum aje kat belakang tu. Free.

Gambar Close-Up merchandise.

Orang start carik port yang cantik sikit untuk tengok wayang pacak ni.

Muka nak ayat awek seksi yang datang tapi takde iltizam langsung aku tengok. Aku pun heran, mana si Zack ni dapat contact awek-awek ni... chaisss!!!

Dah start crowded. Tapi wayang tak mula-mula lagi... apa citer??!

Oh. Ada lagi jemputan yang baru hadir atau lewat hadir rupanya. Takpe, bagi chance. Lintas langsung kali ni memang bebetul kental! Wee-hooo!!!

Ntah hapa ntah nama awek ITM yang baju kelabu tu. Dulu gua ada try ayat masa kat fakulti dulu, haram tak dilayannya. Alih-alih datang pulak screening malam tadi... apa kes?

Mat Telor takut-takut berani melayan orang (aweks) yang datang. Porah! Bersepah aje line gua perhati lu dari tadi!

Ahhh! Ramai la pulak orang. Mana lu orang mari ni... Minah Saleh negeri mana pulak diorang jemput ni?! Hish, nak ayat bahasa Ukraine gua bukannya mantap sangat.

5 alasan yang diberikan oleh 'orang-orang' yang tidak hadir itu tapi janji bukan main suruh aku booking itu-ini :

1. Aku demam ni. Serius.
2. Chaiss! Gua ingat hari Sabtu.
3. HariJadi gua la, ada family dinner...
4. Esok aku ada dateline skrip nak hantor. Aiseymannn!!!
5. Eh?! Ye ke ini hari, jap lagi gua datang. Kat mana ek?

Combo ayat-ayat cinta penakluk awek.

Tak boleh ambik gambar dan memang tak nak ambik gambar pun. Nanti spoiler...

Lepas screening, ada cocktail makan-makan. Lepas makan-makan, ada showcase persembahan LIVE secara akustik oleh penyumbang-penyumbang bunyian runut dalam filem ni. OTAM yang pertama bikin gegar. Dia kena nyanyi dulu sebab jap lagi kena pegi keje. Shift malam.

Ni plak, ESTRELLA. Fuff! Sikit punya solid ka sound dia. Syahdu-mahdu pun ada gak boleh tahan.

Tergamam. Terpaku. Terkedu. Teruja. Ter-itu dan Ter-ini. Itu ekspresi penonton yang digambarkan disini dari sudut silaan bahagian hadapan. Yang menongkat dagu tu, D.O.P kami. TQ, Mr Wan Chun Hung sebab kasik sponsor itu kamera. Memang powerrr!!!

...Tanpa kamera, siapalah filem.

Ni angle aku masa dia main lagu nombor tiga. Masih lagi terkesima.

Aku teringin doh main menatang ni... macam cool-cool aje gua tengok.

Yang pakai topi cam Popeye tu cameraman rasmi dengan lighting man. Tak sempat borak-borak.

...adik gua. Tunggu persembahkan terakhir yang diikhtirafnya sebagai persembahan yang dinanti-nantikan.


Sikit punya ngam ke suara minah ni. First time tengok LIVE. Selalunya layan YouTube sahaja. Memang tak syak lagi. Dia memang best!

Tuan Pengarah tetiba aje muncul kat depan tu jaga sound. Sudah laaahh..

Semuanya berjalan baik, bergerak lancar dan berkesudahan yang memuaskan. Moga filem kedua nanti akan menyusul tidak lama lagi dengan sesuatu yang lebih best!

So, short filem dah ada satu dalam bakul...

Dalam LRT, aku terfikir langkah seterusnya untuk seniman rakyat ini. Hmmm...

p/s: Ini preview artikel dalam majalah KLue. Check it out.

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