when this is the only thing i have to show and tell of the day.

My own sweet copy of STUDIO SPACE

On the table when I got home, was always a cluttered stacked pile of books and comics that is always there while I was away. Why and when, please don't ask. Most of them things I'd bought from comic shops, bookstores, mamaks, newstands or across the wide everywhere ( ...this makes me happy. Books and comics bought by me hoping for a preview from somewhen makes me feel guilty because I always previewed them anonymously). The book that made me happiest of recent was a copy of STUDIO SPACE, which I actually pre-ordered and buying it with no idea how I'm gonna purchase it later. I just go for it because sometimes it's more 'fun' that way. A drive that makes you work hard to earn something. That's life. That's how I roll.

Spread jacketbook layout.

It's a RM$150.00 hardback collection of pure fanboy orgasms and money well spent even though I can't remember when was the last time I spent that much for a single book! This book offers a unique glimpse at the way most finest comic artists work, visiting their studios and getting into their mindset. STUDIO SPACE also discusses the training that the artists undertook, their big break, and whether their working methods have changed over the years. Showcases the creators of Watchmen, 300, Sin Citny, Hellboy and many, may more! I just plain love it.

* p/s : There's an odd point in writing, when you reach a bit that you've known was going to happen for years. Years and years. And then it doesn't happen like you thought it would. Anyhow, this isn't what I was initially going to write about in here. Then I remembered something. And forgetting it in mere 5 seconds! *&%#!!!



sorry tak reply sms.. rupanya ni sebabnya kau nak melawat studio aku.. hahaha. studio kat pandan lah. kat subang administrative opis sebab aku malas nak commute jejauh.. come come lai laii..
faizalmukhtar berkata…

ya. aku nak pitch buku STUDIO SPACE: MALAYSIAN ARTSITE. Bruce kau ada prospek itu. Aku hanya perlu alamat penuh kau selaku Studio Manager.

Sekian, terima kasih. haha.