this includes you, you, you and me.

Having a happy day, thank you very much for asking. Lets see now. Most of my friends are all in a very, very good condition and tip-top life now.

Roy of Komikoo got married yesterday. Syabas! Berkahwin jua kau akhirnya!

A friend who is now a celebrated and award winning rock-singer is getting his own column on a Sunday supplement on a daily newspaper. Hidup Rockensteiners!

And of course. Who can ever believe a fun, funky and flimsy friend (and a girl I fancy since way back in ITM) is now gracing page 3 of a new and improved weekend newspaper (too) - she's been thru a lot, but today is the epitome of everything. Sebab kalau dekat luar negeri, being on page 3 is really something, you know?! Lepas ni, kalau minum Nescafe mungkin akan rasa lebih 'lain' dan 'hangat' dari biasa sikit kot... ; )

Also, hang around buddies for a movie. Evangelion 1.0 is kinda thought-provoking jugak rupanya. Terima kasih Lobak kerana 'memaksa'. Teruskan juga membeli komik untuk lebih ilmu tentang hidup.

While not yet hale and hearty, I'm at least back in the land of the conscious, which is a major improvement over the last two days. If I had to cast my vote for the person who's done the most to make me happy recently (like in the last two days), I would discover who invented the laymat comforter. I give it to him or her an honorary award (...full house with almost no bantal or tilam. Laymat came to the rescue. I can easily get a sore back)

Now follows a few days of getting back up to strength, catching up on e-mail, news update and all that.

Back to the main story tadi.

Actually, what happens when you hit 'famous and successful' tends to be that you run into a completely different problem, which is not knowing if something should have been rejected. My friends are quite grateful to a number of early well-meaningful experience as told to me from them. They mean that things that weren't really good enough in life weren't as good as now even. I learned a lot from them. Several people have congratulated me on my stories making it to the final stages, but I can't say anything online about it. Again, please. Hah! This means I'd managed to get a day ahead somehow. It's tomorrow that I have to be on the PC all day. Today I can write something else!

p/s: There are people dead now, and hurt, and pain, and questions. But I still feel proud to be part of the thing that made it.


apai berkata…
Bro, dah berapa hari dah gua try call lu tapi tak pickup. Hantar sms tak reply. Jadi kat sini jelah tempat gua dapat cari lu.

Tiket chelsea apa cerita? Adik gua dah tanya dah bila nak collect cash?

Tapi bukan untuk gua ye... gua confirm tak blh pegi...hahaha