Barang apakah ini?

Sikit punye stim ke layan gambor ni...

Comic book and sci-fi fans are resourceful bunch. While studios and publishers do their best to money-tize their hottest properties, the care and feeding lavished upon them by hardcore fans takes things to entirely different levels. Exhaustive web resources, fan fiction and fan art are just a few examples of how aficionados pay tribute to the characters, movies and shows they love. As is often the case, these interests frequently cross over and sometimes, blending two properties results in a creation that's just incredibly cool.

What you see above is an Autobot version of Batman's Tumbler AKA the Batmobile and it makes you kinda wish Optimus Prime and gang landed in Gotham City instead of California, allying themselves with the Bat instead of Sam What-wicky. Seriously, as if the Tumbler wasn't mean enough already, it's fantasy Autobot form is eye-popping. Note the shape of its head, the bat-shield logo on its chest and even the incorporation of the utility belt. The Autobot bat-signal in the sky is a nice touch, too. Tetiba aku teringat robot-tobot jaga Batman dalam Kingdom Come tu. Serius ni, aku rasa dia ada cilok sana sikit ni... apa barang?!