Bits about the short film project

...Urbanscapes and the Detachment of Humanity

At Goat Films, we strive to create a product that tries to tell honest stories.

Of the human condition. Of society concerns. Of anything and everything. In other words, we’d like to tell stories to people. We’d like you to experience, vicariously, lives of others through our storytelling, that you might cry and laugh with our characters as they trudge through their reality as told through our stories. That you might understand their motivations, their reasons, their excuses.

This is what Goat Films is aiming for: to create whole worlds filled with deep characterization and people. People just like you and me, with stories just as epic or as mundane as yours and mine.

We, above all, aspire to entertain you the best we can, the best we know how. This is the Goat Standard of Quality.

Okay, we made that whole Standard of Quality bit up, really.

So through our first offering, The Value of My Sanity, we will tell you the story of an unremarkable man’s remarkable journey to insanity and back. Yes.

You loved the teasers, now the wait begins for the final arrival for The Value of My Sanity.