Jumaat, Jun 27, 2008

My eyes. My red-sunken eyes.

I think this may be a redundant thing to say, but it depends on whether you know who I am or not, and you would know who I am either because we've physically or mentally worked together and met before or some other way. (The some other way can be anything from reading the same books to watching the same films, or just being the occasional blogger who does this -- something that I was reminded of at times about critics).

I was attacked again.

But enough of that.

Back to the story of the day. It's been a while since I saw a midnight movie. And last night was WANTED. Damnation for Timur Bekmambetov! No wonder people force me to like Nightwatch Daywatch. Will he ever do Twilight Watch now?

Now, what happened after the show you asked? : A failure to sleep in well (No. Not because I watched Spain beat Russia 3-0 sweetly last night)

There's nothing like a night when you can sleep in, especially when you are in a cinema for more than 2 hours after 1am in the morning. It almost never happens, normally for me these days. I purposely unset the alarm clock on my rugged 3210 Nokia. And the whole sleeping disorder bit is made even worse when the day before was long and exhausting and made horrible than that by the fact the schedule is cluttered/all-over-the-place. Enter: My aching back.

It still rang at 6am to let me know I had a wake up alarm I didn't want or need or waiting to take me nowhere at all. And that was that on unsleeping in for the morning. So, I write a slightly sleepy hi-morning blogpost instead.

It's weird. They call these things midnight. When I was a journalist, getting on this things was always considered a good thing: a small amount of work for a fair amount of pleasure and adventure. Having done a few of them now on the other side of the press table, I think it's worth mentioning that they aren't really screenings for the people organising them or for the people being interviewed. They are work.

p/s: Hari ni aku dengar ada satu lagi mesin ATM kena sapu! Kat Putrajaya pulak tu. For the record, ni kes nombor LIMA bulan Jun ni aje: 19hb, 21hb, 22hb, 24hb dan 26hb semalam. Dulu ada pakar ekonomi kata; bila barang naik especially bila minyak naik, kes jenayah jugak akan naik mendadak. Betul la tu kot. Sapa suruh naik tinggi sangat-sangat. Kan susah nanti orang nak pegi mesin ATM ulang-alik banyak kali cucuk duit.


Cik Puan Muda Stress berkata...

i didnt like Wanted. i think they tried too hard. granted, everything else dah dibuat dek hollywood. but then again, it wasnt believable. even Iron Man seems more believable + achievable.

faizalmukhtar berkata...


maybe 3 things kot yg bikin aku suka WANTED:

1. written by one of my fav scotsman comic book writer, Mark Millar (eventho' ni bukan original plot)
2. the vision that Mr.Bekmambetov had is like what John Woo and the Wachowskis has... boleh kebas otak kau tengok!
3. its even real-er than the graphic novel. they took out the 'superpower' element and turned them into assasins.

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