Mulakan Isnin minggu ini dengan dua klip special dan informatif di bawah.

Kalau nak tau macam mana hampehnya hidup kalau jasa seorang superhero itu tidak dihargai dan betapa sengalnya superhero tanpa moral (Gayour tolong baca), klik
kat sini.

Kalau nak tau apa connection filem IRON MAN dengan INCREDIBLE HULK yang akan tunjuk kat wayang hari Khamis ni, klik kat sini. Serius fanboy spoiler. Clue : Red/White/Blue, bebeh!

UPDATED : Ha! Macam pernah ku lihat wajah itu...


As reported last time, Captain America was at one time slated to make an appearance in the THE INCREDIBLE HULK film, thus tying the HULK franchise to the forthcoming CAPTAIN AMERICA film franchise, and also obviously to the Iron Man film franchise.

[ s p o i l e r s a h e a d ]

But he’s not. So sorry...

In an interview with G4TV (check the clip above), director Louis Leterrier said that a Captain America cameo was in the film, something which those who’ve seen early screeners were not able to confirm. In speaking to other source later, Leterrier confirmed that Cap has been removed from the final cut of the film. According to the director, Bruce Banner heads to the Arctic Circle in a Frankenstein-esque trek to kill himself. Footage of this has indeed been seen in the trailers for the film. The segment of the film was, according to Leterrier : very dark, and thus to make the film more suited for younger audiences (Hulk is rated PG-13 in some part of the world... kat sini kira 18SG la tuh!), it was cut. Thing is, that portion of the film contained the Captain America sequence.

Having that said, when Bruce arrives at his destination; he meets up with Captain America! At some point this month, I will make it available on this blog --- but I cannot tell you where or when. But to make it official, the material will definitely be on the DVD, kids.

Meanwhile, as the Hulk ending spot has revealed, Tony Stark (as Robert Downey Jr.) does appear in the film, conferring with General Thunderbolt Ross.

So what does this mean for the building of Marvel's AVENGERS film franchise and its intent of building a cohesive universe of superhero films? Probably nothing for now. Future films can easily refer back to the Hulk/Bruce Banner as they come out, and as we saw in IRON MAN, worlds of content, continiuty and connection can be transmitted via Easter Eggs/cameos.