here i go again on a Thursday.

( Watching WANTED later but feel like writing something before I go )

Still in research and resource mode. Had a week of where I managed to see a lot of the people I needed to, mostly by throwing all the social meetings I wanted to make with friends under the radar for a while time. Plans for the second half of 2008 is now in place. For a start... I... Nah! It's too pre-mature to let it go now. Nanti. Nanti.

Not sure whether I shall talk about the other things, but they are going to be great fun. Just watch this space.

Well. People kept asking me, where do I work and write this days. Time to tell : It's either this 3 spots, brothers and sisters // [1.] The Local Cybercafe in Subang that belongs to a friend of a friend [2. ] The office/studio in Mutiara Damansara or [3.] Any space or site where i find it secretive enough from the people or world around me. As of for today, sitting at no[1.], getting really hardcore on YouTube today finding factual bits and stuffs. If doesn't work (due to laggings or pendings) --- I guess I am tired of waiting minutes for things to appear on the screen, of taking half an hour or more for something that ought to happen instantly to occur. My timid brain obviously can't run things when stuff are slow and should have been certified this as time-wastage. I'm unimpressed with the way that a number of things that were easy on the internet have got harder (eg. migrating from Friendster to Facebook), nor the fact that Nuffnang is utterly useless for bloggers like me.

Hence, life ALWAYS falls into patterns. Here I am once again, blogging with long, extensive narratives - pointless(?). In about less than a week, I'll be coming on new territory. I have to figure out what to do within next few days or so . Too long to hang around the same spot, not long enough to do anything with it too.

Anyhow, Life is good.