Isnin, Jun 30, 2008

demi aku mencari dan bertemu

...hari ni aku diceritakan yang Aladdin itu versi asalnya adalah kisah Salahuddin al-Ayubi. Dan apa sebenarnya terkandung dalam Bermuda Triangle serta kekuatan teladan di sebalik peristiwa Jalut dan Thalut. Serta, kuatnya akal dan hati dalam meraih CINTA.

Fuff. Dahsyat, dud!

Ahad, Jun 29, 2008


Nampaknya tak dapatlah kita tengok dia siapkan ULTIMATE WOLVERINE hujung tahun ni.

One of the most popular comics artists of the past decade who make himself popular by drawing rare comic variants and sexy ladies on the cover which is notably Witchblade --- Michael Turner; has died.

He was 37 (muda lagi tu,bai...)

Unfortunately it's with great sadness to everyone that Michael Turner had been dealing with recent health complications arisen in the past countless times since 2000. Here's a brief look of what I can say of his career...

Turner was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma (a bone-based cancer that attacks the cartilage) in March of 2000, which ultimately cost him his right hip, a portion of his pelvis and several pounds of bone. Turner was very open about his cancer, making convention appearances throughout the entire time, and never giving in to the illness.

Mike got his major break in comics at Top Cow, where he made his name as the artist on Witchblade with a look that was reminiscent of studio founder Marc Silvestri, but was all his own. His work was highly in demand throughout his career, and he was a frequent cover artist for a diverse number of series over the years. Turner’s style influenced many artists in the new millennium, probably more than Turner himself ever realized.

Turner’s creator-owned Fathom debuted in 1998, and in 2002, he left Top Cow to found his own Aspen MLT, Inc. where he saw Fathom resurface, along with other projects such as Soulfire and Ekos. Turner had done a significant portion of work at DC early in the decade, providing covers for Identity Crisis and Flash, as well as for the 'Godfall' arc in the Superman titles (which he co-wrote), and the interior art for 'Supergirl from Krypton' in Superman/Batman, where he and writer Jeph Loeb re-introduced Supergirl into the modern DC Universe. More recently, he had been providing variant covers for Marvel titles, such as next month’s Uncanny X-Men #500. At his most recent convention appearances, both Turner, and later Aspen representatives spoke of how the artist was eager to complete his obligations to other companies, so he could finally get back to work on his own projects at Aspen.

Despite his illness, Turner was one of the most upbeat people at conventions and in the industry. He always radiated a sense of humility and gratitude to his fans and always had time for a quick chat or a smile. In an industry that can and has beat the happiness out of many creators, Mike was resistant to it and was ever happy to work and talk to his fans and even talk to the press.

Since his initial diagnosis in 2000, Turner had several ups and downs, but, surely thanks in part to his positive attitude, he was seen as the guy who was going to beat it, and be drawing for years to come - he just had to kick this thing first.

p/s: So, siapa ada cover variant atau comic Michael Turner tu, tolong contact aku dan check harga balik. Ada revision skit.

Sabtu, Jun 28, 2008


Second Teaser

Goat Films would like to thank you all for the positive feedback on the first teaser. The response was overwhelmingly incredible. Thank you. Thank you.

Presenting you the second teaser for your viewing pleasure.


Soundtrack written and performed by Yuna

Jumaat, Jun 27, 2008

My eyes. My red-sunken eyes.

I think this may be a redundant thing to say, but it depends on whether you know who I am or not, and you would know who I am either because we've physically or mentally worked together and met before or some other way. (The some other way can be anything from reading the same books to watching the same films, or just being the occasional blogger who does this -- something that I was reminded of at times about critics).

I was attacked again.

But enough of that.

Back to the story of the day. It's been a while since I saw a midnight movie. And last night was WANTED. Damnation for Timur Bekmambetov! No wonder people force me to like Nightwatch Daywatch. Will he ever do Twilight Watch now?

Now, what happened after the show you asked? : A failure to sleep in well (No. Not because I watched Spain beat Russia 3-0 sweetly last night)

There's nothing like a night when you can sleep in, especially when you are in a cinema for more than 2 hours after 1am in the morning. It almost never happens, normally for me these days. I purposely unset the alarm clock on my rugged 3210 Nokia. And the whole sleeping disorder bit is made even worse when the day before was long and exhausting and made horrible than that by the fact the schedule is cluttered/all-over-the-place. Enter: My aching back.

It still rang at 6am to let me know I had a wake up alarm I didn't want or need or waiting to take me nowhere at all. And that was that on unsleeping in for the morning. So, I write a slightly sleepy hi-morning blogpost instead.

It's weird. They call these things midnight. When I was a journalist, getting on this things was always considered a good thing: a small amount of work for a fair amount of pleasure and adventure. Having done a few of them now on the other side of the press table, I think it's worth mentioning that they aren't really screenings for the people organising them or for the people being interviewed. They are work.

p/s: Hari ni aku dengar ada satu lagi mesin ATM kena sapu! Kat Putrajaya pulak tu. For the record, ni kes nombor LIMA bulan Jun ni aje: 19hb, 21hb, 22hb, 24hb dan 26hb semalam. Dulu ada pakar ekonomi kata; bila barang naik especially bila minyak naik, kes jenayah jugak akan naik mendadak. Betul la tu kot. Sapa suruh naik tinggi sangat-sangat. Kan susah nanti orang nak pegi mesin ATM ulang-alik banyak kali cucuk duit.

Khamis, Jun 26, 2008

here i go again on a Thursday.

( Watching WANTED later but feel like writing something before I go )

Still in research and resource mode. Had a week of where I managed to see a lot of the people I needed to, mostly by throwing all the social meetings I wanted to make with friends under the radar for a while time. Plans for the second half of 2008 is now in place. For a start... I... Nah! It's too pre-mature to let it go now. Nanti. Nanti.

Not sure whether I shall talk about the other things, but they are going to be great fun. Just watch this space.

Well. People kept asking me, where do I work and write this days. Time to tell : It's either this 3 spots, brothers and sisters // [1.] The Local Cybercafe in Subang that belongs to a friend of a friend [2. ] The office/studio in Mutiara Damansara or [3.] Any space or site where i find it secretive enough from the people or world around me. As of for today, sitting at no[1.], getting really hardcore on YouTube today finding factual bits and stuffs. If doesn't work (due to laggings or pendings) --- I guess I am tired of waiting minutes for things to appear on the screen, of taking half an hour or more for something that ought to happen instantly to occur. My timid brain obviously can't run things when stuff are slow and should have been certified this as time-wastage. I'm unimpressed with the way that a number of things that were easy on the internet have got harder (eg. migrating from Friendster to Facebook), nor the fact that Nuffnang is utterly useless for bloggers like me.

Hence, life ALWAYS falls into patterns. Here I am once again, blogging with long, extensive narratives - pointless(?). In about less than a week, I'll be coming on new territory. I have to figure out what to do within next few days or so . Too long to hang around the same spot, not long enough to do anything with it too.

Anyhow, Life is good.

Rabu, Jun 25, 2008

Ultimates 3 #4 : OUT NOW.

Here's four preview pages from Ultimates 3 Volume #4 featuring new artwork from Joe Madureira. What going on now? :

" Who rules the Savage Land? Who could possibly challenge Magneto's authority? How about the Ultimates with special guest Wolverine! "

Plus+ ...back in NYC, the Wasp makes a discovery that will change everything! The most-talked-about series from superstars Jeph Loeb, Joe Madureira and Christian Lichtner charges toward Ultimatum!

p/s: Issue four as well as the variant cover by David Finch will be released today. Siapa lagi yang belum order, cepat! AKu ada stock ngam-ngam aje. Yang dah booking: Niezam, Jeremy, Gecko, Nanzo. TQ dengan niezam for the head preview.

..oh. Kalau nak tau apasal Joe Mad macam 'malas' and missing in action 4-5 tahun ni sebelum komik ni keluar, check this out!

Selasa, Jun 24, 2008

Santapan kornea dan iris

Ni gambar-gambar poster masa aku pegi Amsterdan International FILM EXPO tempoh hari. Harap terhibur! Aku tak sabar tengok dua remake tu tapi kenapa dipilih Seth Rogen dengan Keanu Reeves?? $*%#~!!!

p/s: Filem Dragonball tu tetap macam haramjadah dibuatnya! Lebih baik bagi aku budget filem tu buat remake Enam Jahanam dan Jefri Zain aku yang tertangguh tu, lagi bagos!

Isnin, Jun 23, 2008

official kedaikomik logo banner

Dari komik mainstream US seperti Marvel dan DC sehinggalah ke barisan judul lain yang merangkumi komik independen mahupun alternatif, KEDAIKOMIK Online menawarkan koleksi-koleksi komik, novel grafik dan trade paperback yang bervariasi untuk semua warga komik. Sila layari laman-blog ini dari masa ke semasa untuk melihat seleksi entri judul-judul secara santai berbahasa Malaysia. Lebih 1,000 judul tersedia sebagai milik anda nanti. ORDER DI SINI !

Ahad, Jun 22, 2008

Holland out, Siapa dia Arshavin & where is the TotaalVoetball ? ( *aduh... )

...comel la tu konon?! *&^$#!!!

aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. aduh. dammit.

Apa dah jadi, dud?

ANDREI ARSHAVIN, RUSSIA. Think about this one, readers: If Real Madrid is prepared to pay up to $150 million to Manchester United for Cristiano Ronaldo, then Arshavin could be a bargain for someone at a quarter of the price (hint, hint: To Mr. Abramovich). The Netherlands never came up with a suitable answer for the brilliantly creative Arshavin (thank you Shahiran for the heads-up, no wonder Sweden pancit!), whose cleverly weighted cross set up the second goal and was somewhere in the first one. He capped off a memorable 3-1 victory by scoring the third himself. Itu dianggap biadap-ly gentle.

All in good hands aku rasa. Ah! Siot la.


1. That winning your group means nothing at Euro 2008. For the third night in a row, a group winner was bounced out of the tournament and all Holland's wonderful effort in the Group of Death was wasted. W-A-S-T-E-D. WASSSTEEEDDDDDDD !!!!!

Retire? or Not to Retire? That is the question.

2. That Guus Hiddink is a tactical genius (remember South Korea 2002). OK, we somehow knew that already, but few expected his Russian side to out-think and out-play the Dutch so comprehensively. His accomplishments with Russia add yet another line to Hiddink's glittering resume. Ya, dan akhirnya aku faham dan mengaku kenapa England kena sauk dan tak layak Euro kali ni. Sorry, sorry.

Ternyata bola itu 'confirm' bulat. Van Basten ke, Hiddink ke... yang penting Holland. Chaisss!!! Siot. Siot. Siiooottt!!!

WHAT I WANT TO SEE SUNDAY (...and later)

1. To see a classic battle between two great football nations with Spain's attacking flair against Italy's experience and technical ability (NOT!)

2. Enjoy la korang kutuk aku puas-puas. Aku cuma nak Azzuri tersembam lagi, tak pun Turki nanti kalahkan sesapa masa FINAL. Hehe...

Bai-bai. Dah la. Apo laie nak dikato, o jang oi...

Jumaat, Jun 20, 2008

a tendency or preference towards a particular perspective, ideology or result.


Apa rasanya bila perasaan best jadi tak best, lepas tu jadi best balik pastu tak best pulak? Dan hari ni, perasaan tu ada lagi (sikit/banyak?) tapi ada beberapa perkara yang dapat cover perasaan tak best tu. Contohnya gambar yang sungguh best di atas ini. Hoho. Itu best. Tapi jangan ingat perasaan tak best tu hilang 100% dalam tempoh masa 48 jam ni. Mungkin 72 jam berikutnya baru best balik.

Mungkinlah benar bagai dikata, 'Curiousity can kill the cat'. Dan aku sebagai manusia yang punya characteristics dan ciri-ciri disobediental-principhile, accumulated emotional breakdown, precognitive risk-taker dan sebagainya suka 'membunuh kucing-kucing' itu kerana ada mitos mengatakan kucing ada 9 nyawa. Jadinya, apa kesalahnya kalau aku punya nafsu curiousity yang membuak-membuak. Bukannya aku nak jadi detektif (rujuk: walaupun aku ada terpengaruh la kadang-kadang dengan tabiat The Batman, The Spirit, The Question, Indiana Jones, etc.) tetapi aku nak tau sangat benda yang aku tak tau, tambah lagi kalau ramai orang tak tau, tak nak ambil tau atau putus harapan mahu tau. Jadi semalam aku ketemu jawapan yang mengejutkan lagi menggemparkan aku rasa (secara peribadi) dunia belum cukup sedia untuk tau. Ah! Menduga betul ujian Tuhan yang Satu ini.

p/s: On a lighter note, aku tengok The Happening last week (... and as it Happened to be yang Shyamalan ni one of my favorite director/screenwriter) dan aku macam biasa layan selayan-layannya sampai jauh menerobosi ruang akal dan sempadan khayal. Ye, aku kadang-kadang memang bias dengan orang yang aku minat atau benda yang aku obsesif sangat-sangat. Tiada review sebab aku nak korang tengok sendiri. Then, abis berkhayal, aku terfikir what's next for Dukun Shyamalan. Aku terjumpa ini (lihat bawah). Ambitious lagi dia ni.

Khamis, Jun 19, 2008

Rabu, Jun 18, 2008


...tepuk, tepuk, tepuk. sila beri tepukan.

There are the Oranje, Clockwork Orange,Orange Crush, The Orangemen. Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbalbond. For the impressive Dutch - still with a 100 percent record - either Sweden or Russia await in the last eight but that is not a matter at all. Group stage done, all teams done. ITALY 3, FRANCE 4 and ROMANIA 2. Now, time to move on.

Marco van Basten has warned the rampant Holland squad that they must start all over again after completing a glorious romp through the group stage of Euro 2008 by sending Romania home and the others running like a clueless child. Second-half goals from Ajax striker Klaas Jan Huntelaar and man-of-the-match Robin van Persie secured a 2-0 win and ensured the Oranje topped group C with maximum points last night. Their reward was a quarter-final meeting with either Sweden or Russia in Basel on Saturday and van Basten was justifiably proud of the professional job his second-string side he sent out had done, albeit against opponents who displayed an almost inexplicable lack of ambition.

Either it be Sweden or Russia, that's not important. Yang penting aku boleh tersenyum panjang sekarang sampai EURO abis nanti. HAHAHA!

Selasa, Jun 17, 2008

hidup(kan) komik, hidup(lah) filem


Who would have thought the game-changer in the comic book movie wars would not be something iconic like "Spider-Man", a "Batman" or even a "Superman" – but an "Iron Man."

$526 million worldwide dollars later it looks like a no-brainer, but Iron Man was far from a slam-dunk when it was announced as the initial release from the newly formed Marvel Studios back in 2006-2007. For all his importance in the current Marvel comic book universe, the red and gold Shellhead had very little Main Street credentials (until it hit developmental snags, Captain America was supposed to be the first self-produced Marvel movie). But the initial chapter of Marvel Studios' plan to be a stand-alone studio paid immediate dividends. The success of Jon Favreau's character-rich adaptation also provided the latest evidence that Marvel has a better grasp on its movie-making strategy than arch-rival DC.

I say it's premature to give Marvel the edge. Let's point this out: Marvel's had just one certified self-financed hit. Marvel's just coming into their own, so it's way too early to declare "Mission:
Accomplished". And if you look at the films they've done in partnerships with other studios, they've had as many failures as they have successes too.

The huge dollars earned by the Spider-Man and X-Men franchises kind of make you forget about stinkers like Elektra, Hulk and The Punisher. Plus, despite their big box office totals, is there anyone out there who really thinks the Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider and Daredevil were actually any good for a hardcore fan?

But there's no disputing that the House of Ideas has Juggernaut-like momentum on its side right now.

Offbeat casting choices like Robert Downey Jr. and Edward Norton caught the attention of non-comics fans and impressed fanboys, while clever promotional ideas stoked the fires. Iron Man really broke from the pack after its electrifying San Diego Comic-Con reveal last year. And keeping the Incredible Hulk under wraps until just recently was a risky move that ultimately could prove genius. The reboot of the Hulk sparked genuine fan-ticipation with its crowd-pleasing spectacles. If the film delivers on the action the trailer promises, Marvel could score back-to-back blockbusters. The company also has a killer row of upcoming projects: IRON MAN 2 and THOR in 2010, CAPTAIN AMERICA along with the AVENGERS team-up film in 2011, plus ANT MAN and RUNAWAYS in development.

Meanwhile, nearly all of DC's characters seem to be languishing in a Hollywood Crisis. Hard to believe since DC's heroes were once the cape kings of Hollywood, but Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Flash, Green Arrow and Green Lantern have all gotten snared in developmental hell
at some point. While Marvel makes news with Iron Man's $100 Million opening weekend, DC's heroes make the trades with word that the ill-planned Justice League movie has been mercifully shelved.

To be fair, DC is at a huge disadvantage. It doesn't have an independent studio arm making and financing its own movies based on their characters. It has little, if any say in how projects are
developed. The company is part of a huge conglomerate, Time Warner. And while Warner Bros., the studio that produces and distributes films based on DC creations, is part of the same corporate family tree, it doesn't allow for the kind of control over the material that Marvel has over theirs.

With Marvel Studios overseeing all its projects, the Marvel movies are aiming for a cohesive structure, a narrative consistency. The 'Nick Fury' cameo in Iron Man was Step One toward the creation of a Marvel movie universe (Step Two is coming soon), so the characters we're used to seeing interact in the comics will soon do so in theaters.

In the meantime, DC's heroes struggle just to get into the multiplex. Sure, Batman is doing just fine but Wonder Woman's still waiting, six decades later, for her close up, while Superman's film future is rather tenuous after Bryan Singer's lackluster Superman Returns. There's a certain irony in the fact that the company whose flagship character can see through walls has shown a glaring lack of vision when it comes to the Big Picture of two of its Holy Trinity.

So how can DC's movie fortunes be turned around? Thankfully, a certain Caped Crusader is on his way to help. Even though Heath Ledger's tragic death has cast a pall over the project, The Dark Knight is all but certain to be a smash hit when it opens in July. The Batman franchise in general is in good hands with Christopher Nolan. No one grasps the concept of a superhero franchise better than Nolan and Christian Bale just happens to be the best Batman ever.

Then there's Watchmen.

Due in March 2009, the film based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' epic graphic novel took nearly 20 years to finally get into production. But does Watchmen have the broad appeal to be a breakout hit? Characters such as Dr. Manhattan and Nite Owl in the graphic novel are public-unknowns after all. But maybe under-estimating Watchmen as just a cult book is a mistake. Let's not forget: Watchmen has sold millions of copies and it's widely respected as one of the 20th century's great books. By and large, the people who've only ever read one graphic novel - Watchmen was the one. So there's a pretty large installed base there.

DC/Warner Bros. need to start giving the bench players a shot, just like Marvel is doing with its second-stringers like Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Luke Cage and Deadpool. David Goyer's upcoming "Supermax: Green Arrow" script is gaining momentum, as is a "Green Lantern" movie. Both characters have been around forever and their histories offer a wealth of storytelling options, much like Iron Man. They're the kind of characters that could attract top-shelf acting and directing talent.

Another lesson DC/Warner Bros. could learn from Marvel is getting fresh talent involved. They had the option on Wonder Woman for so long, one of the early favorites to play Princess Diana was Sandra Bullock, will soon be able to play her mother Hippolyta! DC hasn't piloted a good movie since V for Vendetta and can't get this one off the ground. Warners should try to buy out his option or convince him to bring Joss Whedon back into the fold (Dulu kan dia pernah diuar-uarkan untuk mengarah Wonder Woman). The greatest female comic book character deserves her own movie by now, don't you think?

And what about the Man of Steel? In the Golden Age of comic book movies, where does Superman fit in? In a time when the United States isn't winning any popularity contests around the world, some people don't think it's the best time to showcase a hero who represents Truth, Justice and the American Way (Gahhh! What do I care anyways, AKU ANAK MALAYSIA!)

But in a way, I disagree.

Superman isn't just DC's flagship. He's the standard-bearer for the entire industry. If done right, people will line up just like they did to see the 1978 movie. DC should fast-track the sequel already so we can see just what Bryan Singer means by going "Wrath of Kahn" on the next chapter of the Man of Steel mythos. It's all only a matter of time. By the way, aku tak pernah pun tengok Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan sampai abis...kuikuikui!

For BAHAGIAN 1, please click over

HERE for more astonishing news on multiple universes besides MARVEL and DC !

Isnin, Jun 16, 2008

Itali sudah, Peranchis pun sudah... dunia diperkenalkan dengan neo-total football!

Van Persie : " Is that the way to the Championship Glory ?! "
Van Nistelrooy :
" Yeaaa...!!! "

Ohoho. Ya, ini mungkin satu artikel yang ketinggalan 2-3 hari ke belakang tapi aku rasa tak cukup 'haul' kalau tak tulis benda ni. Menyaksikan game ke-2 Holland temph hari sangat menggiurkan dan membangkitkan orgasme. Setelah Juara Dunia kita tumbangkan dengan 3 berbalas 0, naib Juara Dunia Peranchis pula roboh terus dengan jaringan 4 gol! Jadi, apa lagi yang harus difikir-fikirkan lagi? Ingat kira-kira Matematika aku tempoh hari? There is no better place and time to be an Oranje fan than now and here, bebeh!!!

Dulu kita pernah dengar akan TOTAL FOOTBALL. Tapi menyaksikannya sebagaimana yang telah dipamerkan oleh JOHAN-JOHAN yang sebelumnya seperti JOHAN Cruyff dan JOHAN Neeskens adalah amat berbeza 1974 berbanding 2008. Mana position Nistelrooy, mana position Robben, mana position Sneijder? Atas kertas lain, atas padang lain? First Half beza, Second Half beza? Uuuhh... seronoknya tengok Donadoni dengan Domenech terkial-kial tepi padang.

" Syukur, menjadi nampaknya taktikal aku. "

Ahad, Jun 15, 2008

Marvel Wants A Titanic Star For Captain America

The scoop mongers have covertly discovered who Marvel wants to pick up Steve Rogers shield last seen on Tony Stark’s workbench!

Marvel has been having one hell of a week. First the Jon Favreau controversy, then we have a said argument brewing over Captain America’s cameo and THE INCREDIBLE HULK opens and kicked all sorts of ass.

Well, speaking of CAPTAIN AMERICA, I have myself a trusted source internally over at Marvel and they are now starting to toss names for the role of Steve Rogers.

The name at the top of the list?



Now before some unofficial film website goes out there and tries to debunk me, let’s get it straight. Don’t expect Marvel to go on the record and say: Yes it’s true, they are looking at so and so. Hollywood doesn’t work like that. Studios and production companies only go on the record to announce the casting of a role when it’s official. I announced the lead in the upcoming Prince of Persia. It took the trades weeks later to make it official. That being said…


Just because Marvel wants him, doesn’t mean they are going to get him. Studios and production companies put together their wish lists when they are casting and work their way down the list. I personally believe DiCaprio is an odd choice. To me, Leo’s tall and lanky figure is perfect for Steve Rogers pre-super soldier serum but I wonder how they are going to make Leo look like a bulked up super soldier. Don’t get me wrong, he has the chops for the role but DiCaprio is awfully busy these days developing stuff and a host of other projects over at his way.

Marvel is aiming real high when it comes to talent and rightfully so, it has paid off for them tremendously. I believe to get DiCaprio, they’re gonna have to nail down a kick ass script and a director first.

You know who else is also on the list in case they don’t get DiCaprio?

Brad Pitt:


Marvel wants to be in the Brad Pitt business. They are willing to cast him either as THOR or CAPTAIN AMERICA. Now Brad Pitt as Captain America would be bad ass but as it stands right now… Marvel wants Leonardo DiCaprio as Captain America!

What do you guys think about it? And who else do you have in mind? I still go either for Matthew McConaughey or Paul Walker.

p/s: OK. IRON MAN dah, HULK dah, apalagi yang ada ? Cuba tengok ni...

Rabu, Jun 11, 2008

Hidup(kan) Komik. Hidup(lah) Filem

Membesar dan didedahkan pada dunia komik serta filem dekad 80an, saya tertarik untuk menunggu kehadiran semula filem ini selain CONAN.


Sebagai seorang penulis, saya gemar dan sering berpegang pada prinsip 'visual storytelling' sebagai salah satu daripada fundamental karya-karya saya. Kerana itu, medium seperti komik dan filem itu menjadi wahana utama bahan kajian atau 'source material' saya. Sejak akhir-akhir ini, iaitu membawa kira 10 tahun kebelakang dan mungkin jua kalau diramal 10 tahun yang akan datang, kedua-dua entiti komik dan filem nampaknya sangat serasi digandingkan untuk tatapan khalayak. Ini terutamanya kepada warga komik dan warga filem yang dambakan pembaharuan segar dan perkasa pada pendekatan yang tersebut.
Saya bukannya ingin berbicara soal scenario film-making nasional mahupun premis komik-komik buatan Malaysia. Itu saya akan selidiki dalam tulisan-tulisan saya yang akan datang. Cumanya saya tertarik dan berminat berkongsi ilham ini kepada semua seraya melihat gigihnya dua gergasi komik antarabangsa(yakni MARVEL dan DC) mempersembahkan ideologi kreatif mereka kepada audien yang lebih gempita iaitu audien filem.

Jelas ini menunjukkan satu inisitaif yang positif dan membanggkan kerana saya sendiri ialah seorang kaki-komik dahulu, dan penggiat komik sekarang. Begitu juga dengan progresif dan agresifnya pasaran Hollywood yang dilimpahi dengan cereka-ceraka adaptasi komik dan novel grafik. Nah! Sekarang ini dunia perfileman sudah kenal siapa itu Stan Lee, Alan Moore, Frank Miller dan ramai lagi ikon-ikon komik.
Hari ini sahaja, sedang saya meluncuri laman web seperti sehari-hari yang sebelumnya; ada dua buah filem yang sedang dalam pre-produksi 'kencang'. Satu adalah filem ROBOCOP terbaru yang akan digilap semula intisari ceritanya menjelang 2010. Dua adalah filem IRON MAN 2 yang mengutip sejumlah USD$538 juta setakat ini, yang juga bakal di pawagam 2010. Malah berita-berita umpama ini datang bersilih-ganti, dengan pelbagai update-update yang menarik hati 'fanboy' seperti saya dan barangkali juga anda. Ini belum lagi diceritakan tentang perkembangan terkini filem adaptasi komik yang lainnya seperti WATCHMEN, WOLVERINE: ORIGINS, G.I JOE, THE SPIRIT, PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL, HE-MAN dan banyak lagi. Bagi sesiapa yang tegar mengikuti laman blog saya ini, pastinya sudah sedar dengan kemunculan Tony Stark(Iron Man), Steve Rogers(Captain America) dan seorang watak superhero misteri dalam filem INCREDIBLE HULK yang bakal muncul di pawagam esok *(bagi yang belum, sila rujuk entri Isnin lepas).

JADI : Apakah ini satu petanda besar bahawasanya industri komik dan Hollywood sudah sepakat serta bersedia untuk ke peringkat yang lebih berani juga berisiko setakah ke atas dengan mewujudkan karakter superhero lain ke dalam filem mereka(bukan SATU malah DUA-TIGA!)? Kenapakah hanya Marvel sahaja berbuat demikian sedangkan Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern dan banyak lagi karakter milik DC mempunyai sejarah lebih lama tidak pula mengikut jejak langkah Marvel? Bagaimana pula dengan takdir premis-premis komik selain Marvel dan DC? Siapa yang lebih mendapat manfaat: pengkarya, tycoon media atau penonton? Ini antara soalan-soalan lazim kedengaran yang sewajarnya harus dijawab.

Nantikan sambungan artikel ini di BAHAGIAN 2 kelak.

Aku dah tengok INCREDIBLE HULK. Perhatikan beberapa hidden easter-egg / cameo / homage dalam filem ni nanti, malah lebih banyak dari filem IRON MAN itu hari.

The Leader, Doc Samson, Super Serum, .... .....

Selasa, Jun 10, 2008

alamak. sekali menang 3-0 daaa...

Hadiah HariJadi kau, Wes Sneijder !

Mungkin aku tak berapa pandai Matematik sukatan KBSM dulu (Heck! Sampai sekarang pun aku menggagau kalau disuruh buat penyelesaian yang melibatkan nombor-nombor kompleks). Dan mungkin juga aku kurang cerdik dalam bab ilmu hisab dan kira-kira. Tapi kalau Matematik hidup atau dalam konteks ini, Matematik Bolasepak; maka kalkulasinya di sini boleh aku huraikan. Begini formula yang ingin dibentangkan. Kalau ikut rima, macam pantun rakyat :

Juara Piala Dunia 4 kali : Itali, Kalah sampai 3-0 malam tadi, 30 tahun Azzuri macam kena badi, Nampak gaya bye-bye la korang kali ni!

Bundarkan dengan nisbah di bawah ini pulak :

Romania seri Peranchis 0-0 / Kapten Cannavaro tak dapat buat apa sebab injured / First 11 malam tadi kebanyakannya bukan pilihan Utama Belanda / Ini baru game pertama.

Agak-agak apa kesimpulan teorem aku ni ? Penyokong Itali --- tolong selesaikan. Huaha!

Ini ulasan lengkap dari laman web rasmi EURO 2008

The Netherlands ended a 30-year wait for a victory over Italy in emphatic fashion as they began their Group C campaign with a rousing 3-0 win against the world champions in Berne.

Worst EURO defeat
Ruud van Nistelrooy side-footed the Oranje ahead in the 26th minute, a lead doubled superbly by his Real Madrid CF colleague Wesley Sneijder soon after. Edwin van der Sar, becoming only the third player to appear in four UEFA European Championships, then kept the advantage intact, leaving Giovanni van Bronckhorst to complete the scoring with a headed third in the 79th minute. The Netherlands can now look forward with confidence to Friday's meeting with France, while Italy must pick themselves up from a worst-ever EURO defeat when they face Romania.

Dutch dominant
The early skirmishes gave scant indication of what was to come. Andrea Pirlo dispossessed Van Bronckhorst with an exquisite tackle and freed Antonio Di Natale but his pass lacked the precision to pick out Luca Toni. The FC Bayern München striker did get a glimpse of goal in the 12th minute, rising to flick a header wide from an equally promising position, yet that was about as close as the world champions got in a first half subsequently dominated by Marco van Basten's side. Dirk Kuyt, ever willing on the right flank, outmuscled Gianluca Zambrotta in the 18th minute and slipped a delicious low ball to Van Nistelrooy who touched it beyond the outrushing Gianluigi Buffon but stayed on his feet after making contact with the Italy captain. That was the last act of charity from the Dutch, as Roberto Donadoni's team paid for the concession of a number of free-kicks on the periphery of their area.

Opening goal
Sneijder first fizzed one set-piece in from the left which Marco Materazzi headed clear. Then Rafael van der Vaart did likewise from the right, the scrambling Buffon's punched clearance eventually reaching birthday boy Sneijder whose powerful drive from the corner of the box was side-footed in by Van Nistelrooy as the Azzurri defence appealed for offside. Italy went close to levelling from an inswinging corner five minutes later yet were caught flat-footed in the 31st minute when Van Bronckhorst, who had cleared off the line, was able to charge half the length of the field unchallenged.

Probing Sneijder
The Feyenoord man made the most of the time afforded him, pinging a perfect crossfield ball to Kuyt whose cushioned header was spectacularly hooked inside Buffon's near post by the leaping Sneijder. Italy's three-man midfield of Gennaro Gattuso, Pirlo and Massimo Ambrosini could not contain Sneijder as he probed the left side, creating space for Van Bronckhorst. The full-back was able all too easily to dissect an Azzurri back line missing injured captain Fabio Cannavaro with a pass that released Van Nistelrooy on goal. Buffon stood tall, however, clipping the shot over with his feet.

Van der Sar saves
Italy sought a way back into the match after the break. Substitute Alessandro Del Piero failed to profit from two half-chances before Toni lofted a shot over when free on the penalty spot on 76 minutes. Van der Sar then foiled Fabio Grosso at close range before diving at full stretch to keep out a Pirlo free-kick, leaving Van Bronckhorst to wrap things up at the other end following smart work by Kuyt. The last time the Netherlands beat Italy they went on to reach the 1978 FIFA World Cup final – a lucky omen as they look to claim a first European crown since their coach volleyed them to glory in 1988.


Isnin, Jun 09, 2008

Mulakan Isnin minggu ini dengan dua klip special dan informatif di bawah.

Kalau nak tau macam mana hampehnya hidup kalau jasa seorang superhero itu tidak dihargai dan betapa sengalnya superhero tanpa moral (Gayour tolong baca), klik
kat sini.

Kalau nak tau apa connection filem IRON MAN dengan INCREDIBLE HULK yang akan tunjuk kat wayang hari Khamis ni, klik kat sini. Serius fanboy spoiler. Clue : Red/White/Blue, bebeh!

UPDATED : Ha! Macam pernah ku lihat wajah itu...


As reported last time, Captain America was at one time slated to make an appearance in the THE INCREDIBLE HULK film, thus tying the HULK franchise to the forthcoming CAPTAIN AMERICA film franchise, and also obviously to the Iron Man film franchise.

[ s p o i l e r s a h e a d ]

But he’s not. So sorry...

In an interview with G4TV (check the clip above), director Louis Leterrier said that a Captain America cameo was in the film, something which those who’ve seen early screeners were not able to confirm. In speaking to other source later, Leterrier confirmed that Cap has been removed from the final cut of the film. According to the director, Bruce Banner heads to the Arctic Circle in a Frankenstein-esque trek to kill himself. Footage of this has indeed been seen in the trailers for the film. The segment of the film was, according to Leterrier : very dark, and thus to make the film more suited for younger audiences (Hulk is rated PG-13 in some part of the world... kat sini kira 18SG la tuh!), it was cut. Thing is, that portion of the film contained the Captain America sequence.

Having that said, when Bruce arrives at his destination; he meets up with Captain America! At some point this month, I will make it available on this blog --- but I cannot tell you where or when. But to make it official, the material will definitely be on the DVD, kids.

Meanwhile, as the Hulk ending spot has revealed, Tony Stark (as Robert Downey Jr.) does appear in the film, conferring with General Thunderbolt Ross.

So what does this mean for the building of Marvel's AVENGERS film franchise and its intent of building a cohesive universe of superhero films? Probably nothing for now. Future films can easily refer back to the Hulk/Bruce Banner as they come out, and as we saw in IRON MAN, worlds of content, continiuty and connection can be transmitted via Easter Eggs/cameos.

Ahad, Jun 08, 2008

euro 2008. oren. oranje. orange

Ayuh! Laskar Oren ku. Buktikan pada 2008.

Mental strength is key for the Dutch I might reckon. The Netherlands remain one of the most powerful sides in European football on their day and their current side has the ability to triumph at UEFA EURO 2008. It's been 20 years since we won it the first time and what a great time to win it once again. Marco van Basten's time as Netherlands coach will end after UEFA EURO 2008, so the 43-year-old will be determined to prolong his reign for as long as possible. Let us all who supports the might Orange see the dynamincs of this team this year:

Pedigree and History
Van Basten already has a UEFA European Championship winner's medal having been the fulcrum of the Orange side that triumphed in 1988. He ended that tournament with five goals including his remarkable volley in the 2-0 final victory over the USSR, yet the free-flowing football of old is little evident in the current set-up. Style has given way to substance.

Precedent and Reputation
The 4-3-3 system synonymous with the Netherlands since Rinus Michels' team of the 1970s has been overlooked in favour of a more pragmatic 4-4-2, though the fresh approach has paid dividends with the Orange booking their place in Austria and Switzerland. Michels himself had switched to a 4-4-2 in 1988 following the opening game: a 1-0 defeat by the Soviets, so there is a positive precedent.

Defensive Steel
In December, Van Basten met key players and 4-2-3-1 emerged as another alternative, although one thing is certain: the presence of a four-man rearguard in front of goalkeeper/captain Edwin van der Sar. Joris Mathijsen is a sure thing, with André Ooijer, John Heitinga , Mario Melchiot, Wilfred Bouma,Tim de Cler and Giovanni van Bronckhorst vying for the other positions. The Netherlands conceded only five times in qualifying, a steely defence that provides the foundations for a more elaborate midfield.

Creative talent
In Rafael van der Vaart, Wesley Sneijder and Robin van Persie, Van Basten boasts three of the most creative and attacking midfield talents in Europe, although the wily Clarence Seedorf has elected not to join the squad for the finals. There will be another vastly experienced man leading the line, as Ruud van Nistelrooy sets his sights on Patrick Kluivert's Dutch record of 40 international goals. Should he misfire, Danny Koevermans, Klaas Jan Huntelaar, Dirk Kuyt and Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink are waiting in the wings.

p/s: Aahhh! Pendek kata... boleh pergi la tahun ni. Serius. Gua serius.

Sabtu, Jun 07, 2008

Bits about the short film project

...Urbanscapes and the Detachment of Humanity

At Goat Films, we strive to create a product that tries to tell honest stories.

Of the human condition. Of society concerns. Of anything and everything. In other words, we’d like to tell stories to people. We’d like you to experience, vicariously, lives of others through our storytelling, that you might cry and laugh with our characters as they trudge through their reality as told through our stories. That you might understand their motivations, their reasons, their excuses.

This is what Goat Films is aiming for: to create whole worlds filled with deep characterization and people. People just like you and me, with stories just as epic or as mundane as yours and mine.

We, above all, aspire to entertain you the best we can, the best we know how. This is the Goat Standard of Quality.

Okay, we made that whole Standard of Quality bit up, really.

So through our first offering, The Value of My Sanity, we will tell you the story of an unremarkable man’s remarkable journey to insanity and back. Yes.

You loved the teasers, now the wait begins for the final arrival for The Value of My Sanity.

Jumaat, Jun 06, 2008

Khamis, Jun 05, 2008

siapa punya keje ni harga minyak naik ? ah. dah start panik lagi la mereka-mereka itu. terpaksa aku bikin entry sentul ni supaya nampak rugged

Takde kena mengena dengan aku, tapi... dammit! Apsal tak terfikir aku sebelum ni.

JIMAT: Keputusan kerajaan menaikkan harga petrol dan diesel semalam menyebabkan ramai pemilik kenderaan mula beralih kepada penggunaan NGV yang terbukti jauh lebih jimat berbanding petrol. Sebuah syarikat menawarkan perkhidmatan pemasangan tangki NGV. Kebelakangan ini mereka terpaksa memasang antara lima tangki NGV setiap hari berbanding hanya sebuah kenderaan sehari sebelum ini.

Sumber: Berita Harian

Selasa, Jun 03, 2008

UPDATED: transformers 2 and the incredible hulk

Transformers 2 now officially has the subtitle of...
Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Hits threatres on June 26, 2009.

As you may have heard, TRANSFORMERS 2 has started its filming. A bunch of fancy helicopters, a dilapidated factory and explosions (It's a Michael Bay film, what'd you expect?). Stalkers was there during filming and snapped 60+ pics of the action as it went down. At least that's what I can figure out from these set pics that are online. Plus, aku rasa JARANG giler kita nak tengok si Michael Bay ni bikin sequel. Kira masuk jugak la penangan Transformers ni, ye tak ?!!

Any shingles of retro vibe, people?! Cool to see they have paid tribute to the 70s/80s TV Show. Sudirman 'Pelangi Petang' on iTunes please... nguahahaaa!!!

" There's a thing in Hulk of the Prometheus myth: it's tapping the story of stealing fire from the gods and being burned by it. When you think about Banner's driving motivation, part of what was interesting to me was a sense of guilt, a sense of having monkeyed with nature. He's applied a certain arrogance to his work and assumed he can master forces that maybe aren't meant to be tinkered with casually, and he's driven by wanting to put the genie back into the bottle. There's a certain blowback to messing with nature. "
Edward Norton on the subtext of the Hulk.

Isnin, Jun 02, 2008

superman ni tak boleh berenang... (untuk sapa yang tak tau lagi)

Faizal hampir lemas untuk 'Sampai Syurga'

Saat-saat cemas Faizal ketika hampir lemas

Faizal ditenangkan krew produksi sebelum meneruskan semula penggambaran

p/s: Ish. Sekali kasik bikin malu daaa... Hampasgas betol la dia ni. Malang memang Superman pun tak dapat bau. Terima kasih untuk Jai yang gelak-gelak sampai meleleh air mata kerana meng-forward kan gambo-gambo. Siol betol! Sampai aku pun tergelak sama menahan geli. Berita penuh dekat sini

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