So, you think you can do comics ?

Now, this could be promising for you young and aspiring comic book writers out there. It's on today...


Is there going to be anything like ChesterQuest for aspiring writers ?


Yeah, we've been talking about it. There are a couple editors at Marvel who have been working on doing that kind of initiative to find new writers. Logistically, it's a lot harder. When you open a portfolio, you're able to tell on the first page, if not the first two or three pages, if the artist has what it takes to work in comics and/or a company like Marvel or DC. But with writers, it's a lot more time-consuming. So it's we're trying to figure out how that kind of thing would work, how you'd process something like that and how you would judge them. And then there's also a bit more of a legality issue in terms of people protecting their ideas and Marvel protecting itself. We have systems in place for that, but making sure that all those procedures are followed is going to require a legal person, which is something we don't need when we review artists' portfolios.

So yes, we're doing it. Yes, it's going to happen. I would say we'll have more details by the end of the year, but I don't know for sure. There's definitely an interest in finding new writers through a search process along the lines of a ChesterQuest. Marvel's been so happy with the results of ChesterQuest in terms of finding new artists that doing something similar for writers would just be in everyone's interest.

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