Skrull kau ada di mana-mana !

Review TERKINI tak lama lagi. Tunggu dan layan-layan la gambar ni dulu.

With Secret Invasion#2 in my reading laps now, I have provided you guys out there an exclusive first look at artist Steve McNiven's variant cover of next month's Secret Invasion #3. When you're through checking out the exclusive image below, please keep in mind that it is VITALLY IMPORTANT to know that this is the issue where COLONEL NICHOLAS FURY will come back from his long hiatus (pegi beli dan baca Mighty Avengers #12 dan #13 kalau nak tau ke mana di hilang kan diri selama ni. Nak tau kenapa dia hilang dan merajuk, beli dan baca SECRET WARS dimana-mana kedai buku yang ada jual komik kay KLCC atau MidValley atau Times Square atau The Curve berdekatan anda).

Ada clue-clue BESAR yang ditinggalkan di sini.

For more on SECRET INVASION featuring an in-depth, page-by-page look at Secret Invasion #2 by series writer Brian Michael Bendis and Leinil Yu... please keep a close watch on this space.

Here's looking up so far: The Savage Land is the scene of Marvel’s own rumble in the jungle as the combined forces of two teams of Avengers go toe-to-toe with what may or may not be an all-star line-up of Marvel’s most classic heroes from the 70s. Are they Skrulls? If they’re not, then who is? What’s going on? And... is that the REAL return of Captain America???

Steve McNiven variant cover


MaxSIZ berkata…
wah...s.i #2 is on stores? gotta call mind shop and ask them to be delivered..
yongster berkata…
Bila ko free nih? kata nak lepak..kata nak discuss funny business ideas..kata nak canang otak for survival?
Faizal Mukhtar berkata…

just order from me laaa... maju skit! HAHA!!!
Faizal Mukhtar berkata…

oh. ya... ya... aku akan hubungi melalui talian safety SHIELD aku. tapi line aku baru kena potong tadi - tak bayar bil. macamana?? Hahawww?!!!