Now, the time is almost correct to say this and that.

I’m sure a lot of you have addictive personalities. I think it’s written in the books that artists of all kinds (writers, actors, painters) are more susceptible to becoming addicted to drugs than most people. And when I say drugs I don’t just mean those things that will get you caught and hanged in prison but other things like girls, comic books, TVs, movies, video games and incessant checking of your friendster, deviant or blogspot messages or comments.

With myself, I notice these tendencies surfacing every so often since forever! For example, when I talk, I talk fast and get really destructive and loud sometimes. I used to have a massive crush to this chick in ITM (...she is a top star celebrity now. DANG!) but I got over that by becoming more cold and withdrawn (Take THAT! Now I despise myself before I EVEN GET THE CHANCE!) I’ve seen some guys go off the deep end with their different abuses so I try to monitor myself and be true to my work.

I’ll keep this one short because I’ve got script pages to finish before tomorrow's pitching and because maybe these journals have been a little over serious lately.

I caught some heat on my last journal; and I’m fine with that. I’ve read a lot of reviews over the last couple years on my stuff and although they’re sometimes good and often not so good, once in a while I got ribbed and ripped up a little. In fact, check this one out:

Now, I can decide freely and safely without anybody getting hurt in the long run. Thank god for experiences and over-exposures.