Khamis, April 10, 2008

The Insanity Begins : Principal Filming kicked-off!

After weeks of final preparation, months of planning and years of dreaming(and nightmares), the intrepid crew of Goat Films has already steeping into actual production. Talents are ready, crew are revved up and now comes the time when we turn the story into a tangible, hopefully memorable; 'form'.

Had an interesting period of bickering, constant creative debates, calm resolution, pointless arguments, constructive discussions and everything else in between these last few months. It has been an immensely interesting time for Goat Films and I can say with frightening certainty that it is something that Goat Films are willing to go through again and again.

However, finally the time has come into action!

( In other words: principal filming starts last weekend. )

Despite the heavy thunderstorm, Goat Films managed to execute a swift shoot on the first day of shooting. Here are some stillshots (kudos to Director of Photography, Mr Wan Chun Hung and his awesome Sony EX1 Cinealta full HD 1080p camera). All photos are a copyright of The Goat Films


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