Semangat Noir di hari Isnin.

Comic craftsman turned movie maker Frank Miller unveiled some imagery from his adaptation of Will Eisner's iconic character THE SPIRIT.

Dare I say... " BAPAK, CUN SIOT! "

Mr. Will Eisner - creator of The Spirit and one of the medium’s most brilliant and influential creators and a sort of guiding beacon for those who try to create superbly crafted comics even to this day. Kira macam Yoda la dia ni dalam industri komik kat US nun...

The Spirit is a masked crime-fighter, created in 1940, who starred in a newspaper comic-book insert. His namesake, weekly series is considered one of the comic-art medium's most significant works, with Eisner creating or popularizing many of the styles, techniques, and storytelling conventions used by comics professionals decades later.