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What's all the hype and fascination with this SECRET INVASION, Faizal ?
Aheh! I am just a sucker for this Alien Invading thingy, I guess. Plus; it's a big Marvel comic book premise and Leinil Yu and Brian Bendis making it.

The preview pages set up the remainder of the issue, that is ---

" ...the roots of the Skrull’s fascination with earth and presumably, the invasion itself. Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man is seeking help from Hank Pym and Reed Richards after revealing the Elektra-Skrull to them and a Skrull ship crash-landing in the Savage Land with the New Avengers and Mighty Avengers gearing up to respond."

Secret Invasion writer Brian Bendis, who, after acknowledging that the story of a “secret invasion” does carry more weight after 9/11, answered the question of “why Skrulls” :

“ They don't invade because... 'Muhahaha! We need the Earth!' - but actually on a deep, religious level they already believe Earth is part of their empire. In the past, they were written as laser-gun toting, spaceship aliens. [But] they are shape shifters. Just think about what that means — they [could] infiltrate us and feed off our existing fears and paranoia. And it isn't government or religion that stands in their way, it's the people who have the physical [super]power to step up. Once the Skrulls announce their intentions to the world, they say, 'You're destroying your world, the way you live. One of you will live in excess right next to someone who's starving, and none of you do anything about it. Our system works. Our system is complete. We're coming to give it to you.' For some people, that's a damn attractive offer. They don't feel like they're being invaded. They think, 'Finally someone's here to save us.' So what's right or wrong? ”

Think of Marvel's SECRET INVASION author, Brian Michael Bendis as a Comic Book Guy equivalent of Quentin Tarantino. Much like the director (who paid his dues behind the counter at a video store before becoming a cult-film hero), writer-illustrator Bendis also did his time as a clerk before helming potent, homage-packed indie projects and ultimately landing on his industry's A-list. Granted, Bendis worked at a nondescript comics store; got his start crafting starkly artful, hard-boiled graphic novels (see: Jinx, Powers, Torso) and then signed a contract with Marvel. But his steady ascent into the Geek Pantheon is no less remarkable. Just consider his most famous devotees: Charlize Theron, David Fincher, The O.C.'s Seth Cohen, and so on. Now, with Ultimate Spider-Man, a couple of Avengers titles, and a certain House of M stunt under his belt, Bendis is embarking on his most ambitious undertaking yet: SECRET INVASION, Marvel's eight-issue ''event'' comic (issue No. 1 goes on sale next week, fellas!).

More than three years in the making, the title has generated enough anticipation that a seeming rogue Marvel employee (codename: Marvel Boy) recently created quite the Inter-nerd stir by leaking possible Invasion plot details. I wouldn't want to spoil the story, so here's what I can tell you: Invasion finds the shape-shifting alien Skrulls infiltrating Good Guy ranks — undetected! While sundry superheroes, confused as to who's real and who's fake, succumb to paranoia. So how does this exercise in dividing and conquering end?

p/s. Here's a clue to dear readers: After Secret Invasion; ''the Marvel universe will not be the same.... There will be a huge upset of power in the Marvel universe. Huge''


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Perghhh... cuakkkk...

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cuak. jangan tak cuak.

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