Isnin, Mac 31, 2008

[ ACT 1. ]

Faris adalah perlambangan dan simbol diri aku yang dirasakan sangat prominent dalam kehidupan. Dia ada memberi semangat dan 'jiwa' supaya aku dapat teruskan perjuangan. Ada banyak kesempatan, yang aku sendiri lalui dan alami bersama-sama Faris yang terasa align sekali dengan diri. Sealiran dari beberapa sudut yang relevan. Suatu pengorbanan sedang berlaku sekarang. Pemergian Faris telah menjana satu lagi 'semangat' buat aku. Sekiranya aku ini seusia dengannya dulu, aku tidak sama sekali mempunyai kekuatan semacam mana yang dipunyai Faris. Alasan demi alasan akan timbul. Tapi Faris... dia dianugerahkan sebuah panji keperwiraan yang tinggi kerana 'berlalunya' Faris dalam hidup aku ibarat menguji kekuatan batin dan alamiku jua. Pada zahirnya, mungkin aku dilindungi ego dan rasa 'keakuan' tapi jauh di dalam, hanya Tuhan yang aku dambakan segala kekalutan dan kekusutan ini. Perasaan sebak dan hiba ini adalah bersifat sementara barangkali. Kesedihan itu juga adalah perspektif perasaan pada masa itu dan pada waktu itu. Apa yang aku harapkan sekarang, Faris dapat jadi yang terbaik dalam yang terbaik; baik untuk diri sendiri, baik untuk keluarga, baik untuk segala-galanya. Dia yang aku lihat dan dia yang aku kenal punya satu pemberian dari Tuhan yang tidak ada pada orang lain. Itu adalah keistimewaan manusia, jiwa seorang insan. Ada kalanya dia dibekalkan bakat. Dan ada kalanya juga, dia dihadiahkan ilham dan dikurniakan inspirasi. Aku bertuah dan bersyukur Faris adalah sedarah dan sedaging aku. Apa yang dia rasa, aku rasa. Apa yang dia tahu, aku tahu. Sehinggakan kefahaman antara aku dan dia juga, jarang-jarang wujud antara aku dengan orang lain. Hanya pada dia dan dia sahaja. Kiranya semua sudah 'tertulis', dan kiranya itulah yang 'tertulis', maka aku redha. Dan keredhaan ini akhirnya akan aku abadikan bersama amali. Esok siapa yang tahu. Aku serahkan segala ketentuan dan takdir kepada Yang Maha Esa. Kerana pada Dia-lah jua akan bertemu jawapan nanti akhirnya. Insya Allah.

Sabtu, Mac 29, 2008


This cinematic follow-up to the very popular TV series of my yesteryears.

In grand 'X-Files' manner, the as yet untitled film's storyline is being kept under wraps. This much can be revealed at the moment: It is a stand alone story in the tradition of some of the show's most acclaimes and beloved episodes and takes the complicated relationship between FBI Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) as it takes them to unexpected directions. Mulder continues his unshakable quest for the truth, and Scully - the passionate, ferociously intelligent physician - remains inextricably tied to Mulder's pursuits.

Jumaat, Mac 28, 2008


What's all the hype and fascination with this SECRET INVASION, Faizal ?
Aheh! I am just a sucker for this Alien Invading thingy, I guess. Plus; it's a big Marvel comic book premise and Leinil Yu and Brian Bendis making it.

The preview pages set up the remainder of the issue, that is ---

" ...the roots of the Skrull’s fascination with earth and presumably, the invasion itself. Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man is seeking help from Hank Pym and Reed Richards after revealing the Elektra-Skrull to them and a Skrull ship crash-landing in the Savage Land with the New Avengers and Mighty Avengers gearing up to respond."

Secret Invasion writer Brian Bendis, who, after acknowledging that the story of a “secret invasion” does carry more weight after 9/11, answered the question of “why Skrulls” :

“ They don't invade because... 'Muhahaha! We need the Earth!' - but actually on a deep, religious level they already believe Earth is part of their empire. In the past, they were written as laser-gun toting, spaceship aliens. [But] they are shape shifters. Just think about what that means — they [could] infiltrate us and feed off our existing fears and paranoia. And it isn't government or religion that stands in their way, it's the people who have the physical [super]power to step up. Once the Skrulls announce their intentions to the world, they say, 'You're destroying your world, the way you live. One of you will live in excess right next to someone who's starving, and none of you do anything about it. Our system works. Our system is complete. We're coming to give it to you.' For some people, that's a damn attractive offer. They don't feel like they're being invaded. They think, 'Finally someone's here to save us.' So what's right or wrong? ”

Think of Marvel's SECRET INVASION author, Brian Michael Bendis as a Comic Book Guy equivalent of Quentin Tarantino. Much like the director (who paid his dues behind the counter at a video store before becoming a cult-film hero), writer-illustrator Bendis also did his time as a clerk before helming potent, homage-packed indie projects and ultimately landing on his industry's A-list. Granted, Bendis worked at a nondescript comics store; got his start crafting starkly artful, hard-boiled graphic novels (see: Jinx, Powers, Torso) and then signed a contract with Marvel. But his steady ascent into the Geek Pantheon is no less remarkable. Just consider his most famous devotees: Charlize Theron, David Fincher, The O.C.'s Seth Cohen, and so on. Now, with Ultimate Spider-Man, a couple of Avengers titles, and a certain House of M stunt under his belt, Bendis is embarking on his most ambitious undertaking yet: SECRET INVASION, Marvel's eight-issue ''event'' comic (issue No. 1 goes on sale next week, fellas!).

More than three years in the making, the title has generated enough anticipation that a seeming rogue Marvel employee (codename: Marvel Boy) recently created quite the Inter-nerd stir by leaking possible Invasion plot details. I wouldn't want to spoil the story, so here's what I can tell you: Invasion finds the shape-shifting alien Skrulls infiltrating Good Guy ranks — undetected! While sundry superheroes, confused as to who's real and who's fake, succumb to paranoia. So how does this exercise in dividing and conquering end?

p/s. Here's a clue to dear readers: After Secret Invasion; ''the Marvel universe will not be the same.... There will be a huge upset of power in the Marvel universe. Huge''

Rainy Nights

A few days ago, Goat Films had their second audition to fill the roles for the upcoming film. Once again, we were blown away by the great talent of those who have attended the second stage of our auditions; and we are immensely thankful to all of who's showed up for giving us another headache on the casting side. Everyone came prepared and ready. We were very impressed with their commitment of giving the best for the film.

Goat Films are also now in preparations for actual production and we’re that much more closer to achieving our goal. With that in mind, it is with great honor that we announce that Goat Films will be working with Director of Photography
Chun Hung Wan, who will undoubtedly inject a fresh perspective into the film and Goat Films in general. Welcome aboard, Chun!

Selasa, Mac 25, 2008

Kongsi-kongsi cerita bersama-sama

Sekali lagi, satu jemputan yang dirasakan dapat memberi sedikit ruang untuk penulis berkongsi idea dan ilham kepada semua yang berminat tentang penulisan, terutamanya penulisan skrip filem. Esok penulis akan membuat penampilan di Fakulti Seni Lukis dan Seni Reka UiTM Shah Alam untuk tujuan itu. Kuliah adalah tentang pembikinan di sebalik skrin filem independen serta komposisi yang perlu ada diantaranya. Berita selanjutnya selepas ini.

Sabtu, Mac 22, 2008

The thing I was going to write about earlier isn't getting written now though as they need me for something else more

Dalam berkarya (dengan ini aku maksudkan; menulis - melalui bacaan dan pengamatan), aku banyak melihat dan meneliti bahan serta sumber yang melata. Terutamanya dari buku, majalah, komik, muzik, filem, entri blog dan bermacam lagi. Aku punya misi untuk menyentuh semuanya. Yang terkini, aku banyak membuat kajian dan selidikan tentang filem (independen mahupun arus perdana). Aku rasakan masih ada banyak yang kurang serba-serbi. Aku rasa terjemput untuk membuat sesuatu segera. Ini mungkin tahunnya aku bergerak lebih cergas dalam pembikinan filem.

Isnin, Mac 17, 2008

disampaikan sari berita hari ini.


English Premier League side Chelsea are expected in Malaysia for a friendly against a Malaysian Selection on July 29.
A foreign-based event manager is in the midst of finalising details, which will see Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon in Kuala Lumpur next week to sign the deal.

An official, speaking on the condition on anonymity, said barring last minute problems, the match is on. They have to meet some requirements that Chelsea have and if they do, then the match is definitely on at the Shah Alam Stadium said the official.

Chelsea last featured in Malaysia in the FA Premier League tournament in 2005.


Kudos and well done to all who came for audition that was held the last weekend at Da Huang Pictures. We hope those who came had as much fun as we had. The toughest road is ahead of us, as we will go through the process of selection for the cast as many were talented.

Thank you for your participation and our thanks to people at Da Huang Pictures for their support. We will be back with exciting announcements in the coming week.

Da Huang Pictures Studio at Brickfields. Macam pekan 'cowboy' yang mana aku rasakan sangat cool untuk casting talent.

Ruang show-off skill dan talent untuk filem yang nak di shoot nanti.

Masa tengah break - semua pegi makan. Aku gobek barang yang ada kat situ...

Ni bukti tiket untuk award winning filem diorang itu hari kat Jerman.
Ah! Aku otomatik jeles + bersemangat.

Skrol nominasi untuk Asia Pacific Screen Awards tahun sudah. Pun, bikin hati gua terbakar!!!

Turns out that Lobak dan Zedda rupa-rupanya yang paling handal ke udara di radio masa rakaman malam tadi. Tak percaya? Dengar diorang kat radio hari Rabu ni. Gerenti terperanjat.

Sabtu, Mac 15, 2008

Khamis, Mac 13, 2008


Have your pick...

and decide...

Who to trust.

It turns out that, thus far, up to this point of 2008; HORTON HEARS A WHO seems to be the most interesting and the BEST movie to come out really good without getting and gaining much publicity. A stroke of genius (read: Sleeper Movie of the Year)

Serious seronok. Hanya ada DUA genius dalam kepala aku hari ni :

" Akhirnya... AKHIRNYA... KOMIKOO #2 dah keluar kat kedai. Pegi beli cepat! MUAHAHHA !!! "

( dah. cukup. jangan tanya aku lagi )

p/s : And, oh yeah! What do you guys think of the new super-cun INCREDIBLE HULK trailer ??!

Isnin, Mac 10, 2008


Audition is now open for our upcoming independent film entitled ‘The Value of My Sanity.’

Plot :

“ The Value of My Sanity is one man’s unfortunate fall from grace; a tumultuous unasked journey into the comforting and inviting abyss of insanity. It is an amusing and lighthearted glimpse into the trials and tribulations of modern life, and a reminder of how easy one may fall into the cracks. ”

We are looking for both experienced and first time actors/actresses to act in this film. The roles are:

1. Main character.
- Male
- age late 20s/early 30s
- Pan-Asian or Malay
- English speaking and has good voice.

2. Girlfriend
- Female
- age early/mid 20s
- Pan-Asian or Malay
- English speaking.

3. Boss
- Male
- age late 30s/early 40s
- English speaking.

4. Man in funny suit
- Male
- age mid 30s/early 40s
- English speaking
- must be able to smoke cigarette.

5. Main character’s friends
- 2 male and 1 female
- age between 25 to 35
- English speaking
- any race.

6. Executives
- 1 male and 2 female
- For male exec, age between 35 to 45
- For female exec, age between 25 to 30

7. Voice
- Male voice
- voice quality - charming, confident, wise

Shooting will begin approximately end of March or early April. We will shoot mostly on weekends.

During audition, you will be given a monologue or script to read and act out a character. Please wear comfortably and avoid wearing black. White is best.

As we are doing this film using our own pocket money, we will not be able to pay you any compensation. Talents are expected not to be paid. However, we will accommodate with food or drinks as whenever necessary.

[ T h e a u d i t i o n d e t a i l s]

15th & 16th March 2008 (Saturday & Sunday)

10am to 5pm

Da Huang Pictures Sdn. Bhd.

118A, Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad, Off Jalan Tun Sambanthan, 50470 Kuala Lumpur.

If you’re interested to audition, please call Zachary at 016-2330771 for more info or email him at

Good luck and most importantly, have fun!

Click on the map here for larger view / Or visit

Go here for updates and more details of our production :
The Goat Films


Ahad, Mac 09, 2008

Manifestasi Malaysia

Menjelang pukul 3 pagi, aku sudah pun tahu keputusan muktamad di kawasan ini. Siaran TV, warta akhbar dan saluran internet disemak berulang-kali dan berselang-seli untuk kepastian. Jadi, sudah ketahuan jugalah bahasawanya rakyat sudah muafakat dengan suara majoriti - Itulah pilihan mereka. Dan aku pun terus tidur kerana yakin dan pasti, perkara ini akan berlanjutan hingga keesokan harinya. Jam 10 lebih, aku bangun dan ternyata ada lagi yang belum selesai. Banyak juga rentetan sejarah yang berlaku. Aku otomatik jadi curious. Aku bersiap untuk pergi ke Kuala Lumpur dan tempat-tempat lain (lebih tepatnya; Gardens dan MidValley) untuk meninjau-ninjau serta memerhati persekitaran dan suasana Malaysia sehari selepas tamat PilihanRaya. Dan jelas benar seperti yang dikatakan orang tua aku satu masa dulu. Sama sahaja. Tidak kira siapa pun yang menjadi wakil kepada rakyat. Orang ramai masih keluar berhujung minggu. Yang berkeluarga, yang berpasangan, yang beracara sana dan sini. Semua seperti sediakala dan seperti sebelumnya. Tiada beza yang langsung. Aku pun masih boleh beli komik macam biasa tanpa ada apa-apa kesulitan.

Aku buka mata lagi. Agenda Malaysia hanya satu. Dan aku bersyukur Malaysia masih Malaysia.

Sabtu, Mac 08, 2008

Jumaat, Mac 07, 2008

Watch (in and out) !

(Matthew Goode)
... ni design yang paling aku despise. Batman nipple alert, fanboys!

Nite Owl
(Patrick Wilson)

Silk Spectre
(Malin Akerman)

(Jackie Earle Haley)

The Comedian
(Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

On his Watchmen Production Blog, Director Zack Snyder (300) has published five "first look" images of cast members of Warner Bros. March 2009 big-screen adaptation of Watchmen. The film is based on writer Alan Moore (V for Vendetta, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) and artist Dave Gibbons’ seminal 1986-87 comic book series published by DC Comics.

Set in 1985, in an alternative reality where the United States and the Soviet Union are on the brink of nuclear war,
Watchmen tells the story of group of costumed superheroes, each with very real personal problems and human failings, and the events surrounding the mysterious murder of one of their own. Here we are --- officially one year and counting until the release of Watchmen on 06 . 03 . 09

p/s : Now. I just wonder what will the widescreen version of DR MANHATTAN looks like ???

Bill Crudup is playing this dude right here.

Isnin, Mac 03, 2008

Selamat untuk Semua.


Dosvedanya Brother Commissar!

At last, the internet is back online and I can FINALLY write something. Long overdue lines of appreciation and gratitude for all those people who’d be sending me in those wishes. Thank you will never be enough. TO MY : Whole family, friends, KLP troops, Carol (yang tersalah bagi aku kad advance sebulan!), Fizlee (gila buat aku rasa terharu sanggup beli kek dan tunggu aku lajak jam 2 pagi!), Aiza, Zedd, Lobak, Hidayah, Zeekaa, Catt, Jack, Deelaila, Nadzru, Iznan, Nazi, Roy, Said Gila, Ariff the Don, Ali Kutik, Shaiful Dagingman (cebisan gangster Subang yang masih tegar melayan borak aku), Zach, Mazmeen, Juliana, Azreen, Net and all those people out there who remembered my birthday but didn’t have the chance to wish it due time and also people who forgot my birthday which automatically didn’t grant me any wish. I still love you guys.

Ada beberapa Manifesto yang aku akan laksanakan sempena ulangtahun kelahiran aku pada 2008. There’s a few which is well known while the others; as you guys have guessed it: remains a secret.

Again, terima kasih banyak-banyak semua. Tuhan panjangkan umur kalian juga dan moga-moga dimurahkan rezeki. Kalau tak kerana korang semua, aku mungkin tak akan se-happy hari ini. Aku ada banyak surprise untuk korang tahun ni... SERIYUS!!!

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