Prime Minister dissolves Parliament


Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today announced the dissolution of the Parliament at a specially arranged press conference at his office in Putrajaya.

He has dissolved parliament in a widely speculated move to pave the way for next month's general elections.

The king has given his consent to dissolve parliament, effective today the 13th of February, to allow the elections to be held.

States had also been advised to dissolve their assemblies on the same date.

The Election Commission will soon decide on the polling date and announce the nomination, as the country prepares to vote in its 12th general elections.


eh, nuffnang kau dah membuahkan hasilnya ke belum?
Faizal Mukhtar berkata…

soalan lain takde ke? penat la bagi jawapan yang sama...;p

sebab aku dah ada la aku nak berlagak.


eh chup. kau tak baca entry aku yang khas untuk kau tu ker? kecik hati aku...
Faizal Mukhtar berkata…

ha. jap lagi aku baca. nak tgk aku punya pulak. Huwarghkakakaa!!!