People occasionally tell me to stop doing this but I refuse. Now hear me: Do I care? Of course I do.

You know what would really make my day today, on this sunny and clear Saturday afternoon while writing this down imagining things which I think can be done, in a way for a will or maybe perhaps a cause and a reason.

Its been a while since I wish upon things.

( And here I go again. )

I wish that I can be at a Kembara reunion concerto with M.Nasir and his compatriots be leading the act later in the evening featuring its first and original group member playing live and loud with my dream girl sitting along the VIP row, open-aired, fine weather and all with everything beyond perfect. Then tomorrow Sunday, we can catch a movie in which a collaborative effort is being made by Cameron Crowe and Richard Curtis starring Hugh Grant, Jude Law, co-starring some up-and-rising young female Hollywood movies star(s) after a sweet lunch over at any of those simple but happening food outlet over at the Curve.

Now, would that be pure fantasy and just plain possible both at the same or am I in a desperate need of a time machine?