‘ Here I am, Ya Allah; here I am. Here I am – You have no partners – Here I am. All praises are due to You – all bounties are yours. To You belongs the whole dominion, the whole Universe, and You have no partners ’
Today is Wednesday and what a week it was and has been - even though it haven’t ended; yet. Usually I would say that I am (after a very, very long period of time trying very, very hard not to use this word) … ‘busy’. It used to be either minorly disorganized or mis-coordinated, but yeah; I am just plain busy nowadays. But I suppose it comes with the territory. And that territory is expanded and prolonged onto a brand new-fangled providence last Friday:

The time has finally come for them,
... to fulfill the fulfillment, to perform the 'perfomance'.
'Semoga berkat dan selamat serta beroleh kerahmatan'
Labbaik Allah Humma Labbaik... Labbaik la Sharika Laka Labbaik... Innal Hamda... Wan-ni'mata... Laka walmulk... Laa sharika lak...
This is it. A new horizon for the whole family has arise.
Selamat Hari Raya Haji in advance folks !


gayour berkata…
mereka pasti mendoakan kebahagiaan, kesejahteraan dan kebahagian buat kamu sekeluarga di dunia dan akhirat semasa menghadap Kaabah, semasa wukuf di Arafah. doa mereka pasti didengar dan dipekenankan Allah. percayalah...
faizalmukhtar berkata…

amin ya-rabbal al-amin.