d i s c l o s u r e 2 0 0 7 / e n c l o s u r e 2 0 0 8

I am now half way past my annual 2007 recap/review list and putting it all down on paper (screen?) for people of the world to see and read makes its even more …‘privy’. Being today is the 31st of December; I think it is also appropriate to have a very special entry.

2008 AD. The Year that much of us, which I believe (according to my observational survey); will be THE BEST YEAR EVER. The culmination is far from over because to be there in that finale for each and every year can be so demanding. Pressure creeps in. Tension mounts. And so is everything else which is so and so unruly. It is up for us for the next 12 months to make sure that the milestone that we are going to set up will be the one that generates and pro-creates the ambition and dream we’ve been longing for.

For some of us, its called RESOLUTION. A decree and declaration within and without.

Lets do it. Now.

s e l a m a t . t a h u n . b a r u .