Ol'Rightee... this laid and luminousful, languishingly limerick is called ‘ NEVERMIND ’.

Nevermind the sunny-drenched or rainy-seared days in November right after noons or late evenings,
Nevermind the RM225 that has gone and given to the man who fixed the car because of the malfunctioning starter oeuvre,
Nevermind the magic show for the orphans which turned around not so good (again, for the second time. The other one was during puasa),
Nevermind the loses to Bajak and Nanzo and Jimi while playing Winning Eleven or FIFA,
Nevermind the overpriced parking ticket which is so uncalled for,
Nevermind the lost and disorganized and scattered comics which I couldn’t say the point of source is,
Nevermind if the boss knew that you’re doing other things besides basic cognizant work like YM, YouTube, trailers, blogs, freelances, etc. ,
Nevermind the fact that I am not keeping pace following serial TV or movies whence where I am nearly out-dated – lepak time,
Nevermind that some of my friends are engaged and getting married sooner or later (congratulations to all of them!),
Nevermind that people doesn’t really believe that Malaysian football will one day strive for the best again despite the loss to Maldives,
Nevermind that Elektra, Black Bolt, Thor, Colossus are all Skrull and the Illuminati are toast because of the Secret Invasion coming next year,
Nevermind that my comic book story isn’t coming out this year (I am sorry),
Nevermind if that friend of Ai over at her workplace said I have a radical and crazy lingo,
Nevermind that the whole wide world knows the secret affair of Tan Hong Meng and Umi Qazrina,
Nevermind that the Spice Girls made a comeback recently,
Nevermind those Hollywood writers who were on strike,
Nevermind that I’ve temporarily stop myself from going to the fitness centre,
Nevermind that I cant get the exact amount of stimulant or motivation to start a novel,
Nevermind that people cant get enough reason and excuse for giving enough reasons and excuse,
Nevermind if the mamak food near the mosque on Fridays are no longer up to standards,
Nevermind if I don’t have my own personal laptop,
Nevermind if I have an old, jagged 1110 Nokia phone as my raconteur/communicator,
Nevermind that I am really pushing my 2007 resolutions to the excessive and extreme limit,
Nevermind that I don’t know much about gaming nor manga nor anime,
Nevermind the sambal that wasn’t evident in my nasi lemak last Friday,

Nevermind that I still don’t really know how the world really works when there’s pessimist, naysayer, worrywart, cynic and critiques lying around saying things which aren’t necessary and non-evident,

Nevermind this


Nevermind that

Never the mind

Mind the never

All I do care and share with myself is that all the answers , all the solutions, all the exits and all the freedom…

Only comes for you and for you only.

( You know. This. Already. Never. Mind. )


Niezam berkata…
never mind if you tak kirim salam to nora.
Tanpa Nama berkata…
Azian says...
Never mind the world cause it still revolves regardless of all the never minds that is happening.
Besides radical lingo is what makes languages evolve. :-P

(new cartoon idea - NEVERMIND MAN!)
FaizalMukhtar berkata…




i think i have to bare in mind this maybe ... just a bit ;D