"Bring On The Bad Guys"

( this one was inspired after watching the new WANTED trailer online earlier this week )

One of the best comic book stories of the past year.

Late 2003, Mark Millar (the man who wrote and made history by scribing Marvel CIVIL WAR) launched the Millarworld line of comics... the first line published simultaneously by multiple publishers --- four comics from four different publishers. RUN! was a one-shot published by Image Comics; it was a story showcasing the power of super-speed. CHOSEN was a three issue mini-series published by Dark Horse Comics; it focused on a 12-year-old who discovers that he is the returned Messiah. And the other one was the unfinisehd THE UNFUNNIES from Avatar Press. Meanwhile, the project titled WANTED is my personal favorite. This six issue mini-series published by Top Cow was even coined 'The WATCHMEN for Super-Villains'.

This is the miniseries that totally turned my opinion around on Mark Millar. I went from being a minor reader of Millar's work while he was doing The Authority to an avid fan when this miniseries came out. Planting the seeds of his takeover with what was arguably his busiest and most accomplished writing gig in recent years of the mainstream comic book milleu. After many years spent toiling on lesser franchises like Superman Adventures, Millar hit his stride at Marvel Comics with the fan favorite titles, The Ultimates and Ultimate X-Men. The Scotsman soon capitalized on his mainstream success with an ambitious (dangerous, arrogant, crazy) decision to launch a line of creator-owned titles, spanning numerous publishers under the impossibly-titled moniker Millarworld. Whatever happened to that wonderful world, Mr.Millar? Anymore new ones?

Anyhow, if you want to read something good, something intelligent, a little provocative and a whole lot of fun, drop some cash on Wanted. You won't be disappointed.

And of course. Dont forget to enjoy next year's WANTED on the big screen !

WANTED is a fresh, vivid and uncensored look at the world of villains. The politics and personality clashes, paranoia and hatred are perfectly spun into a bloody, action-packed tale of self-worth versus self-pity. You've read every Joker story you ever need to, have enjoyed all the evil planning of Lex Luthor that can be stomached in one life time and have marveled in the horror of an insane Norman Osborn a.k.a Green Goblin. Those villains are old news, their stories trite and tired. Wanted is fresh, exhilarating and merciless.

p/s Thank you Mr. Bekmambetov for making this one. This film is expected to be Timur Bekmambetov's breakout film in Hollywood after his groundbreaking Night Watch and Day Watch trilogy. The third one is on its way.


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