( Adversity is always a blessing in disguise )

~ " Fantasy for me is always the perfect metaphor and Imagination is a muscle that must be exercised all the time ".

I strongly suggest for those who haven’t heed the name Neil Gaiman; or never if ever, read a single copy of his work – may it be comics, books, stories, fictionals or any other kind of noted writings by him; to come and see STARDUST with an open heart and an open mind. It is most exceptional and wonderful and somewhat ‘magical’ in certain ways. Not to be forgotten, NEVERWHERE and MIRRORMASK is good but STARDUST is a master class act. It will strike you deepest with-out and with-in (especially if you’re an enthusiast of Mr.Gaiman’s work). A large amount of fun if you’re now falling in love with somebody or someone or trying extremely hard to make somebody or someone fall in love with you or on the verge or maybe perhaps on a quest to seek and find your heart’s desire (yes, a line from the book). Then, definitely this is the perfect remedial antidote for you lovers out there. I fully urge you. Fantastic fairy fiction and fabulous fantasy at it’s finest.

Neil Gaiman never fails to astound and astonish anyone who has the affinity to experience good story telling. Even as an adaptive motion picture, it is still a rollickingly incredible cinematic adventure. Being original and genuinely authentic nowadays is dangerously challenging in the modern pop media; principally in Hollywood. But STARDUSTSTARDUST ROCKS !
(And I shit you not)

p/s : Here’s hoping BEOWULF would be as much fun !