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Selasa, November 27, 2007


He did it with '300' . He's doing it again with Alan Moore greatest epic. Can Mr. Zack Snyder make Mr. Alan Moore a happy man once more ?!

Khamis, November 22, 2007

Selasa, November 20, 2007

a very very spontaneous short story.

Illustrasi sokongan sumbangan : Bajak (?)

The day was Tuesday and he is enlightening the evening with babbles and gibbers. Poignantly making his dot and spot.


It was him. Working. In the midst of the afternoon. He wears militant colored cap, those of only Che Guevara or maybe Mao Tze Dong would wear. He is alone. Alone but lost in the aftermath of schedule and organized and dated desk job.

He is a comic artist by day and maybe a visionary by night. We will never know for sure.

Only a few stayed back. Those who dared. Friends who believed that staying back is the only solitude and freedom space to be left alone without any disturbances. Without any obstruction. Without any impediment being barged by unwanted intruders of privacy.

“My only refuge”, I quote him.

Today, he draws unlike any other days.

He is depicting illustration of graphical events only people from the outer world understood.

Theres no point now in finishing this --- this, this --- this yarning tale of someone who purchase things from eBays and having-living-being in a band and talk with non-sensical affair.

Lobak is a man of adamant words.

It is not his curse.

It is his blessing.


He somehow knew about the future of the world. Not the fate nor the destiny. Only about the future. He suddenly uttered a certain contraption called the TIME MACHINE .

" Does it exist? Should we ourselves be amused by it? Is it magic? Is it mystical? Finally who can victoriously, radically changed and alter time and history. Pro-claiming plans from the past, present and the future : non-relevant. They don’t understand this. Not yet "

" This isn't sincere. "

" You are possesing me and I still found this significantly connected anyways. Don't you dare change my mind. EVERYTHINGS IS BLOODY CONNECTED! Just like that man who went bonkers in issue #3 of that comic. "

" Everything's connected. Admit it! I am too lazy to act the way you wanted me to be! "

* * *

p/s : " Kenapa penciller kena pencil dan kenapa writer kena write? Kalau aku pegang pencil aku tak boleh menulis ke? Aku nak jadi multipurpose! Bonus aku ni!!! "

Isnin, November 19, 2007


Ol'Rightee... this laid and luminousful, languishingly limerick is called ‘ NEVERMIND ’.

Nevermind the sunny-drenched or rainy-seared days in November right after noons or late evenings,
Nevermind the RM225 that has gone and given to the man who fixed the car because of the malfunctioning starter oeuvre,
Nevermind the magic show for the orphans which turned around not so good (again, for the second time. The other one was during puasa),
Nevermind the loses to Bajak and Nanzo and Jimi while playing Winning Eleven or FIFA,
Nevermind the overpriced parking ticket which is so uncalled for,
Nevermind the lost and disorganized and scattered comics which I couldn’t say the point of source is,
Nevermind if the boss knew that you’re doing other things besides basic cognizant work like YM, YouTube, trailers, blogs, freelances, etc. ,
Nevermind the fact that I am not keeping pace following serial TV or movies whence where I am nearly out-dated – lepak time,
Nevermind that some of my friends are engaged and getting married sooner or later (congratulations to all of them!),
Nevermind that people doesn’t really believe that Malaysian football will one day strive for the best again despite the loss to Maldives,
Nevermind that Elektra, Black Bolt, Thor, Colossus are all Skrull and the Illuminati are toast because of the Secret Invasion coming next year,
Nevermind that my comic book story isn’t coming out this year (I am sorry),
Nevermind if that friend of Ai over at her workplace said I have a radical and crazy lingo,
Nevermind that the whole wide world knows the secret affair of Tan Hong Meng and Umi Qazrina,
Nevermind that the Spice Girls made a comeback recently,
Nevermind those Hollywood writers who were on strike,
Nevermind that I’ve temporarily stop myself from going to the fitness centre,
Nevermind that I cant get the exact amount of stimulant or motivation to start a novel,
Nevermind that people cant get enough reason and excuse for giving enough reasons and excuse,
Nevermind if the mamak food near the mosque on Fridays are no longer up to standards,
Nevermind if I don’t have my own personal laptop,
Nevermind if I have an old, jagged 1110 Nokia phone as my raconteur/communicator,
Nevermind that I am really pushing my 2007 resolutions to the excessive and extreme limit,
Nevermind that I don’t know much about gaming nor manga nor anime,
Nevermind the sambal that wasn’t evident in my nasi lemak last Friday,

Nevermind that I still don’t really know how the world really works when there’s pessimist, naysayer, worrywart, cynic and critiques lying around saying things which aren’t necessary and non-evident,

Nevermind this


Nevermind that

Never the mind

Mind the never

All I do care and share with myself is that all the answers , all the solutions, all the exits and all the freedom…

Only comes for you and for you only.

( You know. This. Already. Never. Mind. )

Khamis, November 15, 2007


Seingat aku la kan, aku tak pernah baca satu pun komik THE SPIRIT. Mungkin ada niat dan tergerak nak baca sebab hasil Will Eisner tapi belum kesempatan. Kalau ada tulisan Will Eisner yang aku dah baca mungkin COMICS AND SEQUENTIAL ART yang pada hemah aku bagus sebagai salah satu bahan rujukan untuk pembikin-pembikin dan pencipta-pencipta komik domestik dan internasional.

Walaupun filem THE SPIRIT ni tidak akan keluar panggung wayang dalam masa terdekat ni, akan tetapi kerana Frank Miller mengarah dan visi dia yang terkandung dalam filem SIN CITY dan 300 telah membuktikan kredibilitinya pada adaptasi komik ke filem, maka yakinilah ini menjanjikan sesuatu. Kita tunggu tayangannya nanti awal 2009.

Writer-director Frank Miller described the main character:
“ The character has a terrifying side to him. This is a man who’s died and come back to life. So it twists into fantasy. And of course there are tons of women in it. There have to be — it’s The Spirit. They’re all in love with him, and he’s in love with all of them. You might say he’s a bit of a slut. ”
* HUuuuUUuuu.

The film will not be an origin story, but will begin directly with the adventures of THE SPIRIT. The film will be more contemporary than the '40s and '50s era of the strip and will aim for a "timeless feel".

Meanwhile, team INVINCIBLE has this to say ---



New costume! New beginning! New home! New Partner! Everything is all-new starting with this issue. Featuring an all-new cover by comic book super-star JIM LEE! If you’ve ever thought about reading INVINCIBLE this is the jumping-on point you’ve been waiting for. The next fifty issues start here! that his sidekick?

HULK dah beranak ??!

And last but not least, berbillion terima kasih buat Tangh yang berusaha keras mengabadikan ini untuk aku. Nanti aku belanja kau tengok Beowulf!

[ORIGINAL PIECE] click kat sini untuk SNEAK PEEK project 2008 !

Rabu, November 14, 2007

" Live long and prosper ?! "

Yes, Trekkies --- Quinto a.k.a Sylar(HEROES) first look as SPOCK !

...more spoiler spock pics here


Live long and prosper : An abbreviated version of a traditional Jewish religious blessing. The phrase, accompanied by a hand gesture, came to a wider public in the Star Trek TV series. It was used there by the character Mr. Spock (actor Leonard Nimoy, himself Jewish) as the greeting of the Vulcan people. Ada soalan ?

Selasa, November 13, 2007

Isnin, November 12, 2007


It's amazing and astonishing (yeap, picked up those two fine lines from comic books) of how a man will go thru' that special extend just to win his heart's desire (now, this is one from a book). A friend of mine did just that yesterday by giving her --- #1 issue of Care Bears (which the girl loves so much), a proposal ring (the main thing), a bunch of roses (gotta have the roses,dud!) , Snoopy plush dolls and this ;
* a published proposal in a well known comic magazine where many bare witness to this eventful occassion. Giler la lu!


Jack ... the one with the blue baju Melayu. Immediate right.

p/s: I really miss those Care Bears. Tapi lu punya hal Jack, gua tak kisah! Bujal #1 pun aku sanggup carik kan!!!

Jumaat, November 09, 2007

Raya in-Action !

Being a Malaysian, living in Malaysia, I guess there is one more day left for Hari Raya. Yes; we extend to celebrate the whole month of Syawal (which I suspect most of the other countries in the world did not do it informally) in tally for the whole month of puasa. A few open houses, a few revelations and quite the bravura occurrence, I might add. But I somehow have the tendency of attracting people enquiring me this exact question : “ Kau tak buat open house ke? ” And I am asked every year of this. Usually I don’t have any definitive answer. However, for this year… I have a pretty good solution for that inquiry.
Selamat Hari Raya untuk kesekian kalinya!
Ni open house rumahnya Nanzo --- kat belakang tu ada demonstrasi mainan Jepun secara percuma yang aku pun taktau apekenamanye oleh Azan. Aku tak masuk campur sebab aku takde masa tu. Belum datang lagi.
Datang. Salam. Makan. Itu modus operandi aku dan Tangh dalam apa jua Operasi Open House.
Ha! Aku dah ingat nama dia. Soul of Chogokin. Itu menurut Zedd la. Kalau tipu dia, tipu la aku. Aaahh!!! Tak penting. Makan lagi best!
Gecko pulak buat hal. Ni open house ke Toy Fare ?
Gecko enggan pulangkan balik mainan itu kepada tuan rumah. Adam bangun tidur.

Zedd : Sudah-sudahlah tu, dud! Aku tengok kau pun seram ni haa...
Aku : Kau diammm.... ngammmm !!!

Tangh main ba-ba-chak dengan Adam. Adam tak layan.

Kalau ada benda yang aku tak makan, aku pose dan pegang macam gini. Aku tak makan yang berunsur pudding. Tengok... baru makan skit pipi aku dah naik. Tangh pulak naik stim tengok pudding.

Rumah Roy pulak punya turn. Ada sneak peek Komikoo. Hahah!!! Best. Best. Ultimate Best.

Detik Kodak Roy dan Lobak. Olololololoooo... !

Jeremy dan pitching skripnya di rumah Roy. Hanya ini yang dibenarkan untuk tatapan umum.

Ayahanda Roy dan aku. Fokus lari.

Gambar kenang-kenangan. Dari kiri : Mesir (aku terlupa yang kau dah kahwin!), bapak Roy, Zedd, Ai (timakasey tumpangkan aku), Roy, Aku, Lobak, Azihan, Jimi, Jeremy dan yang tengah buat aksi tak senonoh kat depan tu (macam biasa), Tangh. Siapa perasan, aksi Mesir berdiri dan bergaya tu macam tuan rumah kan? Makin confuse aku?!


Ini pula aktiviti senggang pasca-Raya, selepas waktu pejabat.

Teka la kalau berani ?!


The TOP 3 Contenders. Bajak tak masuk sebab setiap kali ajak lawan mesti ada alasan... Ngahahah!

Belakang tabir Photoshoot cover album kami yang terbaru...

Konsepnya ala-ala kumpulan NICO campur MUSE skit. Gila babun gua cakap lu!

Terima kasih semua kerana sudi membaca entry kali ini. Jumpa lagi di lain siaran. BABAI!

p/s : Kepada sesiapa yang open house-nya saya tak pegi atau tak sempat tak pegi atau tak dijemput nak pegi atau tak tau macam mana nak pegi... saya mintak maaf banyak-banyak. Alaaa! Buat aje la open house kalau tak raya pun. Apa ke salahnya, ye tak?!

Khamis, November 08, 2007

Isnin, November 05, 2007

Here comes ... WATCHMEN !

Ni... ni! Buat betul-betul ni,dude! Kang kena terajang dengan mamat janggut tu kang baru tau!
Nampak background character concept tu. Ada rasa macam ... macam ... best tak?!
OK. Dah. Tolong halau tukang gambar tu keluar... nak meeting ni.
Now. Now. I hope Mr. Alan Moore has some bits and pieces of solidarity for this next Hollywood take on his story. I think the last V for Vendetta flick by the Wachowskis wasn’t that bad after all. I can see Mr. Snyder doing it with good conscience and immense passion as we speaketh --- even better than 300 I reckon.
[ At last year's Comic Con, uncovering the teaser poster. ]

Gambar Hiasan :
Masa wedding Encik Alan Moore; Dia adalah penulis banyak cerita-cerita komik grafik revolutionary seperti League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, V for Vendetta, termasuklah Watchmen.
Sebelah dia Encik Neil Gaiman.

FYI : Jeremy (not knowing who he really is in real picture) ...coherently called Alan Moore a rabbi.

Jumaat, November 02, 2007

"Bring On The Bad Guys"

( this one was inspired after watching the new WANTED trailer online earlier this week )

One of the best comic book stories of the past year.

Late 2003, Mark Millar (the man who wrote and made history by scribing Marvel CIVIL WAR) launched the Millarworld line of comics... the first line published simultaneously by multiple publishers --- four comics from four different publishers. RUN! was a one-shot published by Image Comics; it was a story showcasing the power of super-speed. CHOSEN was a three issue mini-series published by Dark Horse Comics; it focused on a 12-year-old who discovers that he is the returned Messiah. And the other one was the unfinisehd THE UNFUNNIES from Avatar Press. Meanwhile, the project titled WANTED is my personal favorite. This six issue mini-series published by Top Cow was even coined 'The WATCHMEN for Super-Villains'.

This is the miniseries that totally turned my opinion around on Mark Millar. I went from being a minor reader of Millar's work while he was doing The Authority to an avid fan when this miniseries came out. Planting the seeds of his takeover with what was arguably his busiest and most accomplished writing gig in recent years of the mainstream comic book milleu. After many years spent toiling on lesser franchises like Superman Adventures, Millar hit his stride at Marvel Comics with the fan favorite titles, The Ultimates and Ultimate X-Men. The Scotsman soon capitalized on his mainstream success with an ambitious (dangerous, arrogant, crazy) decision to launch a line of creator-owned titles, spanning numerous publishers under the impossibly-titled moniker Millarworld. Whatever happened to that wonderful world, Mr.Millar? Anymore new ones?

Anyhow, if you want to read something good, something intelligent, a little provocative and a whole lot of fun, drop some cash on Wanted. You won't be disappointed.

And of course. Dont forget to enjoy next year's WANTED on the big screen !

WANTED is a fresh, vivid and uncensored look at the world of villains. The politics and personality clashes, paranoia and hatred are perfectly spun into a bloody, action-packed tale of self-worth versus self-pity. You've read every Joker story you ever need to, have enjoyed all the evil planning of Lex Luthor that can be stomached in one life time and have marveled in the horror of an insane Norman Osborn a.k.a Green Goblin. Those villains are old news, their stories trite and tired. Wanted is fresh, exhilarating and merciless.

p/s Thank you Mr. Bekmambetov for making this one. This film is expected to be Timur Bekmambetov's breakout film in Hollywood after his groundbreaking Night Watch and Day Watch trilogy. The third one is on its way.

Khamis, November 01, 2007

( Adversity is always a blessing in disguise )

~ " Fantasy for me is always the perfect metaphor and Imagination is a muscle that must be exercised all the time ".

I strongly suggest for those who haven’t heed the name Neil Gaiman; or never if ever, read a single copy of his work – may it be comics, books, stories, fictionals or any other kind of noted writings by him; to come and see STARDUST with an open heart and an open mind. It is most exceptional and wonderful and somewhat ‘magical’ in certain ways. Not to be forgotten, NEVERWHERE and MIRRORMASK is good but STARDUST is a master class act. It will strike you deepest with-out and with-in (especially if you’re an enthusiast of Mr.Gaiman’s work). A large amount of fun if you’re now falling in love with somebody or someone or trying extremely hard to make somebody or someone fall in love with you or on the verge or maybe perhaps on a quest to seek and find your heart’s desire (yes, a line from the book). Then, definitely this is the perfect remedial antidote for you lovers out there. I fully urge you. Fantastic fairy fiction and fabulous fantasy at it’s finest.

Neil Gaiman never fails to astound and astonish anyone who has the affinity to experience good story telling. Even as an adaptive motion picture, it is still a rollickingly incredible cinematic adventure. Being original and genuinely authentic nowadays is dangerously challenging in the modern pop media; principally in Hollywood. But STARDUSTSTARDUST ROCKS !
(And I shit you not)

p/s : Here’s hoping BEOWULF would be as much fun !

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