Pictures of Saturday. Surfacing. Now.

Open house KLP... on national TV!

This is me. Viewing it at Zool's Lounge.

That Erin. And I thought all this while she was single. GAHH!!!

Kelab Disney Malaysia Appearance. My 5 minutes of fame(?)

This is so remarkably superficial.

Hah! The others... so remarkably; remarkable !

Yes! Lobak, that includes you...

...and you too, Sir Nanzolot of Friendster !

Please. Kau jangan ingat aku tak nampak kau belakang Erin tu Zedda.

Meanwhile at Final Frontier ---

Week TWO : The mission to unleash the true fanboy-ism continues. This time the sidekicks are Zool and Jeremy ! AHEH.


...uh. Temptation on FULL SWING !

Immediate right --- Tawkey kedai, Davin Arul. Kudos to him and his team. I remember Davin from his days helming Worlds of Wonder, the weekly column in StarTwo focusing on comics every Friday. Now, Kaleon Rahan's scribing it every alternate Friday. Kaleon also owns a comic shop at Earth 638, Atria Shopping Centre Damansara.

Range runs from the 90s to the current ones. From 3 for RM10 to RM1 each to 50sen each(ada pulak yang keluar tahun ni harga cam gitu! WOHOOO!!!) Guess how much we all spent for the past two weeks?! Not counting the upcoming GRAND FINALE third and final week this coming Saturday!

The grand accomplishment last week was making Jeremy FLAT BROKE! NGAHAHAHA!!! I called it :

Sabar Zool. Next week. Next week. ONE MORE DAY !

[ Courteous photos from Zool. ]


gayour berkata…
berapa benyak komik rob liefield lu beli? bagi la gua pinjam tigaempat buah komik beliau. jangan la kedekut. harfraginhar!
FaizalMukhtar berkata…

you stay out of this, you liefeld lover you!