Hari ni hujan hampir seharian suntuk... jadi apakah maknanya itu?

Red eyes, aching back, sore muscles and head pains --- what a challenging way to kickstart a Monday morning after a long week of Raya Holidays (Yes, I took the whole week off with the exception of Friday, but I already started paying ‘visits’ to the office as early as Tuesday!).

A fun-filled and packed weekend. Another trip to The FinalFrontier (they are having they’re Final two weeks before closing down for good. Jadi hari Sabtu ni last kopek kengkawan sesapa nak borong komik!), this time with a coupla’ KLP dude. What was planned for a mere 1 hour turned around to be a 3 hour stop! After that had to rush to an Open House. The ride home was insightful when Deka and Amy(or is it Sufi?) put my EQ on a test. Later on, cousins and relatives dropped-by in the late hours of the afternoon. Then, an unexpected visit to The Curve for an appointment. Got to see those record breaking, hard-working, talented-wisecracking creative lot doing 24 hour comics at Cineleisure. Picture will surface in a short while.

The red eyes began on Sunday morning. It was the left one then it is both left and right today. GAH! Who put crimson kryptonite under my pillow?!

Sunday was just resting and loitering while people keep on coming for beraya; plus the return of Spaceman Malaysia. Welcome back to planet earth.

I am now in the office, trying hard to figure out what’s wrong with the red eyes, aching back, sore muscles and head pains.

P/S : For those who’d purposely or accidentally watched us on TV last Saturday, thank you. The comments were and still are equally interesting. Lobak got a ‘pirated version’ tapi sampai la ni asyik kantoi aje bila aku nak download! Next program : REMAJA. All the best also to Sara who is joining and representing our nation Malaysia at COMICA 2007 in London.


ixora berkata…
aiseh! br teringat sesuatu..

sy da terlepas menyaksikan rancangan itu di tv memandangkan sabtu lps sy bertolak blk ke sini..

rugi.. rugi..!! :(
FaizalMukhtar berkata…

takpe. updatenya ada disini!