Daijobou desu ! ( Inilah dia perasaan di hujung minggu )


10.30am – 11.00am
Returned from slumberland and get ready for some shopping escapade with my bros and sis. Called Jimi for a shirt error (t-shirt kau sompek skit daa...)

11.30am – 1.00pm

Arrived at Mydin hoping to find something to shop about. Turns out the only person to go back home NOT being empty-handed was my little sis, Nana. Brand new pair of shoes for her. Meanwhile, settled my zakat fitrah for this year.

1.30pm – 2.00pm
Had a (very) short break. Later, picked up Nadzru (my fellow fanboy) to a comic book shop closing down sale. Supposely with Zool too but he's busy with other errands. Niven called for a game of field football around 5pm. Kat padang Carlsberg Shah Alam katanya... &%$%~~ (Aku puasa la, Dol!)

2.30pm – 5.00pm
Arrived at Final Frontier. After years of relishing fanboys and fangirls everywhere around PJ and KL, this shop come to an abrupt closure today. I had a profound moment with the owner on how doing comics in Malaysia does not do any reasonable pay-off in the long run. ‘Go abroad and see what the world can offer you!’ says him. The co-owner used to string with Gila-Gila back in the days and some other local publications. While the other one, is a journalist.

Comics went by as low as 50¢ (even some of the latest ones!), plus other merchadises, toys, etc. Meanwhile, Roy kept reminding me on the phone about the event at Central Market and Buka Puasa Session after that. It rained heavily outside. Me and Nadzru went home with mixed-feelings of Final(e) Frontier’s fate.

(Aku rasa macam nak take over aje kedai komik tu bila alasan yang dia bagi: Takde orang nak jaga kedai!)

6.00pm – 7.00pm
Got home, rested for about 5 minutes. Back on the road to Central Market. I took the LRT and arrived there just in time for buka puasa. Roy (who is now a part-time design lecturer in UiTM) greeted me with some other 40 or so odd students.

Lots of conversion, lots of laughs too.

8.00pm – 9.30pm
Off to UiTM by bus. No, not the public one but the one UiTM students hang on during trips and tours. The big purple one. Bring back memories of being a student. Yes, I did show the students my ‘trademark’ magic demonstration. Worked out better than the previous one.

10.00pm – 11.00pm
Business talk and more potential affirmations for after Raya and 2008.

* * * * *


Its that time of the year again for us to go on a shopping spree for the upcoming Raya. Less than one week ahead to be precise. Destination: Jalan Masjid India + Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Adventure. Excitement. Excoriating (!)

Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman --- Sabtu. Nampaknya masih tenang.

Tu polis tu, siap-siap sebelum 'rusuhan' para 'perusuh' hujung minggu.

First stop: Wisma Yakin. Jalan Masjid India. Baju Raya Central. Legend.

Aku ingat aku sorang je bawak backpack berkelana. Rupanya ramai lagi yang dah cuba method ni, termasuk seniman ini!

Dah start dah... dia dah start dahhh!!!

Ni aku tolong jual kopiah raya kat bazaar Jalan TAR. Mamat depan tu dah berjaya aku perdayakan!

Haha! Ni kad raya team aku bikin sebelum puasa itu hari. Jumpa jugak akhirnya! Bila aku bawak balik ofis, sekor-sekor nangis terharu tanda bangga dan kesukaan. Maklum aje la, projek sulung! Lepas ni kita bantai buat kad Hari Natal pulak... amacam??

'Perusuh' dah start berasak. Tapi semua macam rilex aje, takde kecoh-kecoh. Malaysia Meriah.

Aku rasa ada dekat 2-3 kilometer jugak la putaran jalanan aku hari tu... haruuu! Makin sendat!!

Ambik 'fresh air' skit. Abang sebelah kanan tu Daredevil. Lorong bas selamba dia toron.

Macam-macam perangai dan gelagat aku layan. Semuanya menjana idea dan mencambahkan ilham. Aktiviti sihat untuk penulis macam aku.

Hah! Dah jumpa pun apa yang dicita. Teka : Apa color baju raya aku tahun 2007 ni!?

Selesai mission aku! Dapat baju melayu, songkok, t-shirt, bla... bla...

Masa balik ada lalu panggung Coliseum. Lama panggung ni sama dengan Odeon yang jaraknya tak brape jauh. First movie aku tengok kat sini (Odeon) tapi tak ingat citer apa. Coliseum ni pulak kalau ada yang berminat, main citer P.Ramlee setiap hari Sabtu minggu keempat. Macam syok...

Alamak! Macam nak hujan daa... mendung pekat semacam.

OK. Gua challo dulu!

The excursion ends around 2.00pm. A quick stop over at Mind Shop and Comics Corner and then: A very well deserved nap.

Over all --- the best part of the long weekend comes later on. A call that really makes my Hari Raya so ever perfect. I believe the law of attraction does really work. Writing this, I am now officially the MOST Happiest Man for the rest of the week! Hopefully for the rest of the Raya Month too.

( Raya does come early for me this year --- Yeepa! )


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FaizalMukhtar berkata…

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