Khamis, September 20, 2007

Senór Mourinho dalam kenangan...

GOOD 'OL DAYS. The ' Chosen One ' chooses out --- but ever; the BLUE REVOLUTION boldly marches on.
Pasal seri dua game aje pun boleh kena sacked ke? Apa la macam ni, Aaduss!!! Pagi-pagi buta dah dapat timbunan sms dan e-mail dari sekutu dan seteru menyatakan bahawa Kelab Chelsea sudah kehilangan pengurus prolifiknya yang berdarah satria itu. Hmmm... hari ini aku hidup dalam BLUES !

Kredit : Berita sedih, hampa dan yang tak best ini adalah ihsan Encik Vovin dan beberapa individu lain yang prihatin ( atau pura-pura prihatin ) terhadap kelab paling unggul di dunia itu. TQ. A minute of silence... please.
England mourns the loss of Mourinho
By Ian Edwards(Yahoo! Sports) 20/9/07
- " The biggest ever mistake made by man! " screamed one fan.
- " A dreadful business decision " was the take of David Platt, the old England captain.
- " The loss of the most charismatic manager ever to grace English football and a huge negative for Chelsea " was the offer of former player Ray Wilkins.
Jose Mourinho's exit from Chelsea, accompanied by the laughable tag of "by mutual consent" from the Stamford Bridge press machine, has quite simply shocked the nation here in England.
And without any question it has left the English Premier League a poorer place for his departure.
Every London-based journalist will be depressed, just for the fact that they will no longer have their weekly Friday press conference fix of the "Special One." Even the Prime Minister has felt the need to comment, and all sections of the English media have been in meltdown because of the most amazing development seen in the EPL for years.
Good luck Jose. The pleasure has been all ours and you will be sorely missed. Maybe, in the not too distant future, even Roman Abramovich will come to share that view.
( José Mourinho has agreed to issue the following statement on )
'I am very proud of my work in Chelsea Football Club and I think my decision in May 2004 to come to England was an excellent one.
'It was a beautiful and rich period of my career. I want to thank all Chelsea FC supporters for what I believe is a never ending love story.
'I wish great success to the club, a club that will be forever connected to me for some historic moments.
'I wish the players happiness in football and in their family life.
'Finally on my wife's and children' s behalf we thank the great professionalism of their school teachers and the beauty of so many friends.'


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