Isnin, September 03, 2007

... kembali selepas Merdeka.

Three days off. Where have I been? :

Supposedly Johor for a friend’s engagement function (but cancelled last minute because a mixed-up with a cousin’s wedding outpost in Sepang) – anyhow; congratulations Shahiran. This is like a two weekends of streaking engagement event. The last was my brother’s. Then two outings on Saturday – one is dinner and the other was just plain football fun after the dinner. Interesting stuff shared. Jumpa-berjumpa bertukar cerita.

Sunday was most probably killing time by going to the comic shop, buying comics, talking comics and reading comics.

Today is Monday again. Am I suffering from holiday laggardness?
Tak rasa langsung.

p/s : perseverance, persistence and patience --- that’s the key. That the elemental method to get things in order once you’re being pushed and tried.


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