Telling Tales

Tale 1

My father is seriously joking about contemplating moving over to Bandung. The reason : Unrenewable road-tax because of a few summons which I believe is settled ages ago. Some even dated back in 2000. What happened here? Last year was not this much of a hitch because there were no such difficulties in renewing my street-strain.

But why Bandung? Ada apa kat sana – sampai kena pindah… Bandung?!

Went to Traffic Police HQ in KL to settle it all and found out that the officer who is in charge type faster than I do. Whoa!

* * *

Tale 2


I’ve got an event coming up this weekend, datang la kalau free. All the dudes from KLP will be around.


Hmmm. We’ll see, cant decide yet. Ada wedding kot aku kena attend…


Uh. Yeah! Talking about wedding, hows married life eh?


Seriously, all this(pointing at all the comic box in front of us) means more… much, much more than before. I tell you, right everything is important. Spiritually, financially, socially, etc… its all important. Everything counts.



[ I think I’m gonna love matrimonial life ]


kau dan idea2 matrimoni kau..

tsk tsk tsk..
FaizalMukhtar berkata…
[cik puan muda stress]

Barang diingat bahawa penulis adalah seorang 'idealis'. Yehee...
gayour berkata…
ayuh! bicara la biar trus terang. katakan saja kamu juga bisa ngikut pindah ke sana kerana cewek2nya garing2 umpama ikan sepat digoreng garing! ayuh dong! jangan ditangguhi lagi!
FaizalMukhtar berkata…

ni apahal ni?