very enlightening... of course.

And now, we stand still.

It's been quite a while, yes... I know that. No, I don't really think I am that busy. Just that when you have so many thing running up your head and contemplating what to say, you will somehow obtain this period of gap where you find writing a 'must' and a 'musn't' both at the same time. To be forward, most of you people out there, won't be understanding this right away. But nevermind that. It'll usually take some time to set in. Now, let's get straight forward to the updates.

Where is the Asian Cup feature and highlights I promised before, some might asked. Well, if anybody watched the game last Tuesday or even better; was there with me at the stadium --- then one would probably know the outcome of my pandectful survey of the match. And so, let me just put it into good words to omit a non-argumentative ( or argumentative ) debate.

Malaysia is NOT ready for the tournament. I repeat - NOT READY. So, I'm not going to do such review or preview. Sorry to skip any disappointments, if there's any.

End of contention. Please, let us move ahead.

In the work front, on the other hand - work is getting 'progressive'. There's 'photoshoot' and sessions ( ya... boleh rujuk gambar teasernya di sini ), editorial task, more writing, more pitching and more task for that matter. All in all; tried very, very hard to get organized but not to be busy. Busy is just so over-rated. Right now is the time to magnify and amplify stuff. Which is about right.

My personal staple on life is getting interesting by the day. What are the odds that I'd probably likely flashed with a definitive memory from the past and that memory manifested in the form of a meeting and a proposition?

I had that encounter yesteday and two days previously.

Oooh... it was somewhat 'enlightening'.

We ready for this ?

Damn right we are!