Isnin, Jun 25, 2007

the boundary where no creation can pass

...The Prophet and Jibrail travelled once more until they reached the absolute limit of the created intellect, named SIDRAT AL-MUNTAHA : The Lote-Tree of the Furthest Boundary . There they saw nothing which the tongue could describe. The effect of the sight they beheld on the Prophet is a secret which took place in his heart. A sound came to them from above which dissipated some of the Prophet's astonishment. At that time he saw a large tree which does not resemble any of the trees of Paradise, a tree without description, covering all the Paradises, heavens, and universes. The trunk of the Tree was a huge angel named Samrafil. The Prophet could see nothing else besides it. It grew from an infinite, unimaginable, indescribable ocean of musk. The tree had an infinite number of branches, created from a heavenly element that has no name in a created language. The distance between one branch and another was five hundred thousand light-years. On every branch there was an infinite number of leaves. If all the created universes were placed on a single one of these leaves they would disappear, like an atom disappears inside an ocean of water. On every leaf sat a huge angel in a multi-colored light. On his head was a crown of light and in his hand a staff of light. Written on their forehead was the inscription: " We are the inhabitants of the Lote-Tree ". Their praise was : " Praise be to God Who has no end ". Their names are the Sarufiyyun, " The Secret Ones " because they are created from the absolute secret of their Lord.

From the trunk of the tree four absolute springs issued. The first was a pure, transparent, crystal water; the second was a river of white milk; the third was a river of pleasurable, untarnished wine that elevates without abasing; the fourth was a river of pure honey mixed with gold. Inside the trunk was the prayer-niche of Jibrail, and his constant words of praise are:


[ excerpt from " Angels Unveiled : A Sufi Perspective ", by Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani ]

p/s --- Sidrat al-Muntaha is the lote-tree of the furthest limit. A tree over the seventh Heaven near Paradise, the place where form ends and beyond which no created being may pass ( An-Najm 53 :14-18 )


karna berkata...

As'kum. hello kawan. ah, akhirnya sampai gak aku ke gerai maya ni. Pa kabar?

gayour berkata...

Rasulullah S.A.W. diangkat/dibawa menghadap Allah untuk menerima perintah solat sebanyak LIMA KALI sehari semalam yang menjadi kewajipan kita untuk melaksanakannya selagi hayat dikandung badan!

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