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It’s the first day of the annual international book fair. I am a small part of it… yes. Rather diminutive as there is no finished work to be showcased yet. But never was it planned that I’m going there on this day. After Friday prayer’s, off I went with Gecko and Ajiff. The crowd on that day was predictably modest. Tak ramai dan tak sikit. And it appear to me that I am the substitute person being there, surrogating Aura yang baru dapat baby, much of later afternoon was spent loitering and lurking around other people’s booth. My key intention was of course, Karangkraf. There they were, my former(s). The usual suspects were present. The meet and greet session was on/off but the mutuality can be sensed. I am a happy man that day as I somehow did felt that I had a moment. A very SPECIAL ONE. Indeed.

Later on, a meeting with the core members of AfterWork8 over at Taipan. Got home for a delightful sleep around 3am, heavy rain outside.

Woke up rather ‘early’ on Saturday mid-morning. The opening routine was the book fair. Nik(Nadzru) picked me up and he was tad-on late… that damn bugger! Kalau tak aku mesti dah sampai awal dengan Gecko atau Gayour. Whatever what. I arrived nearly late noon after ‘bruch’ing over at MickeyD(that’s McD for Nik). At our booth : Gecko, Lobak, Zed and Bajak. Later on came the horde of gang. Yesterday, Padi, Jambang and Rudy tagged in. Today, it was Gayour, Niezam, KobisBunga, Karna and some other bits and pieces of fellow acquaintances. I am not there long enough for any excitements. Thinking of going for a movie, although we did not. The next stop is TIMES wearhouse booksale in PJ. Aku lebih rasa seronok beli buku kat sini. The assortment of titles lagi banyak tahun ni dan MURAH even though buku-buku kat sini tak le ketinggalan zaman sangat. Agak baru jugak. Berani betul korang rentap sekali dengan pesta buku.

AIM ’07 was overpoweringly fun sebab first time dapat tengok M.Nasir perform dengan tarian! HAHAH! In between that, a surprising and beautiful phone call. The day ended with a smile yet again.

Tujuh Nafas Lagi...

Tak tau nak pegi PWTC ke tak. Attended Husaif’s function(ada kenduri qiqah anak. by the way Husaif is really [arabian] for fellow bloggers). Short chat, brief talk. Decided not to go to the book fair instead stayed home doing laundry and catching up on some reading(another Gaiman done) and a DVD, ‘Children of Men’. An afternoon of pure repose and relaxation.

Monday was just a blunt and slow day(or rather half day) at the office. Most of us are still working our way at Pesta Buku. In the art department: Ajiff, Zed, Sup, Gecko, Adi and me. Tempt by Gecko to go to PWTC with Zed and I was tempted. The crowd on Monday was deliberately mediocre. Krom and Roy was already there. All in all, just a middling day. Late evening, accompany a friend for a fitness center gambit. Later that night, a trip to Uptown for supper. Bumped into old buddies from Subang, which just got back from Perhentian( Erwin, AliKutik, and Aripuddin). Late, late, late plans for a Spider-Man 3 movie for Tuesday.

First day of a two days off from work. Contemplating to wake up from bed but remembered the movie thingy from last night. It was almost noon, Summit was the destination. Arrived there, and should’ve bought tickets in advance. The line was outrageously long. Suddenly noted that the tickets were SOLD OUT for the whole day! Lunch at Sushi King in semi-frustration; thus purposely making a hole in my pocket. Off for a DVD excursion. Later, an interweave of plan, shooting from here to Bukit Raja for another hope on Spidey. No avail whatsoever(sold out semuanya!!!). Surprisingly, bumped onto Maman and Adin. Chitty-chattiy. Walkie-talkie. Strolled around and was quite astonished at how arrays of offers and stuff that the place has. Boleh tahan jugak(murah)! Heres what I found out – A fancy and affordable laptop for just under RM2000, a vintage music box with modern and state-of-the-art augmentation, thumddrivers galore, etc. etc. Entah bila entah nak di rembat... HAHA! Tak yah aku gi Low Yatt cam gini. Straight home after that and immediately headed for kampung. Ada get-together/doa selamat.


( wasted two and a half hours of my life on stupid penalties. B*&^%$G!!! ) .


( rasakan! RASAKANNN!! Puas hati aku. )

This is ' IRON MAN ' [ MARK III ] : Sneak a peek at the OFFICIAL new robo-suit that will turn Robert Downey Jr. into a comic-book legend in the May 2008 movie. Terima kasih kepada Encik Adi Granov dan Encik Stan Winston for the slick and cool design. LULUS!

The film tells the story of Stark, a billionaire industrialist and genius inventor who is kidnapped and forced to build a devastating weapon. Instead, using his intelligence and ingenuity, Tony builds a high-tech suit of armor and escapes captivity. Upon his return to America, Tony must come to terms with his past. When he uncovers a nefarious plot with global implications, he dons his powerful armor and vows to protect the world as Iron Man.

Terrence Howard, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeff Bridges, Shaun Toub, Leslie Bibb and Bill Smitrovich co-star.


AraBiaN berkata…
wakaka..... jumpa di FA final..... EPL confirm MU.. tak dapat treble.. double pun jadik.... league cup tuh jadila..... dari tak dapat apa2 tahun neh..wakwkakwaka
AraBiaN berkata…
weh lupa lak... aku dah tgh spidey... genpaks... ngan lob dan hakim... midnite masa chelsea kalah ngan kop ari tuh... lu nak tau citer... gua boleh kasi spoil sket.....
Someone Dare berkata…
M. Nasir just nothing laa..
Terlebih didewakan peminat. Budak muda sekarang tak minat langsung. Dia umpama melukut ditepi mawi.
AraBiaN berkata…
kita jumpa final FA CUP..... treble takder takper.... double here we come!!! ayuhla man utd!!!

awas!! spoiler....
kekelakaran peter parker selepas memakai baju spidey kaler hitam amat memeranjatkan.... :p
thesandman berkata…
[ arabian. ]

tak profesional langsung komen kau dalam laman ku ini. nanti gua ngadu kat bini lu, lu tengok wayang senyap2. bdw, aku dah tengok spidey la, hamlau.

[ someone dare. ]

well, lucky me i'm not a fan. i'm an aficionado ;D plus+, budak muda memang tak payah pun paham. before mawi pun, sapa2 pun tak payah paham dan minat. nanti jadi haru kalau budak 'muda-muda' ni idolize M.Nasir.
gayour berkata…
yeah! siapa m.nasir?
siapa yng kalah dengan aibnye pada liverpool?
thesandman berkata…
you stay out of this! OUUUTTT!!!
Zid berkata…
Too bad I'm not around to witness the event. I've gone far to build plural dreams that have become singular.

Will let you know when I'm around. Godspeed, mate.
thesandman berkata…
nevertheless, dreams they are. and we best know now what dreams are made of.. ;)

godspeed to you too.