Oi Britannia !

... can't go wrong with Vince Noir
[ NOTE : Let me see whats been happening for the last few or so days. Alan moore, the writer of such epical comics like Watchmen and V for Vendetta got married with Melinda Gibbons, Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson is joining forces to make a live-action Tin-Tin movie. Rain(yes,that 'Rain') is Speed Racer in Speed Racer I guess, ‘Transformers’ is in full steam, new and fresh JLA assemblage in The Batman, HEROES is almost done(magical first season and up next is ‘Generations’), endless footballing invitations from in and out, impressive gig/offer from a friend, FIFA battle-mode at the office(Roy main tipu… mana ada gol weiii!) and someone is going for Kuantan later in June; the whole month of it. DANG! ]

I am such a sucker for all things British (tapi itu bukanlah indikasi atau bermakna aku ini adalah penyokong gagasan penjajah). Those people on that isle are such brilliant and radiant lot, I tell you that. Can’t remember when was the first time the affair began. But I do believe it was this show called ‘Mind Your Language’ and ‘Mr.Bean’ along with this band named ‘The Beatles’. That was my foremost exposure to the British media-scope. I was small at that time, trying very hard to understand the jokes and wittiness of the dialogue. Then over the years, when I was older, came more and more incredible English inventions. There’s the old time favorite Hugh Grant movies, Queen, Michael Caine, Jane Austen, Henry James(english ke dia ni?)Liam Neeson, Kate Winslet(sebab Titanic tengah hot masa tu)Peter O’Toole, J.M Barrie, H.G Wells, Lewis Carroll and of course, those array of whizzful comic book writers – Mr.Morrison, Mr.Millar, Mr.Ennis, Mr.Moore and the ingenious Mr.Gaiman. And later on, there is Guy Ritchie, Christopher Nolan, David Bowie, Jude Law, Clive Owen, wondrous Jamie Oliver, J.R.R Tolkien, C.S Lewis, Nick Hornby, Tony Parsons, Coldplay and looks at how Hollywood has shamelessly take their original and imaginative endeavor into their own ‘entah-hapa-hapa-entah’ version. Typical them. Ooh! And let's no be forgetting the English Premier League, shall we?

Most of the story that this people portray and depict is about ‘being good versus being clever’. Smart giler gua cakap lu! DOUBLE DANG!

Subsequently a friend of mine, went to continue his study in Edinburgh. He came back now and then for holidays and bits and parts of some trifling vacation. And it was a whole lot more and a brand new experience for me. He introduced me to ‘The Office’(way back when Ricky Gervais was an unknown), Sacha Baron Cohen, ‘Top Gear’, Ian McKellen, Christopher Lee, ‘Monty Phyton’ and Muse and etc, etc…

Last Saturday, he lay upon me this three fixations – The Mighty Boosh, Red Dwarf and League of Gentlemen. Ketinggalan zaman jugak aku ni rupanya. TRIPLE DANG!

p/s: tapi entah kenapa, aku tak berapa in dengan ‘punk’. Mungkin aku tak cukup rebellious kot.


gayour berkata…
hey, boy scout!
lu lupa nak masukkan LED ZEPPLIN, BLACK SABBATH dan DEEP PURPLE yang merupakan BIG THREE, GOD FATHER of HEAVY METAL dari negara penjajah Britain!
Simon Bisley also from Britain!
what the frag!
thesandman berkata…
NAY! Not my cup of tea, my dear sir.

...except Black Sabbath's "Iron Man". Lagu tu cool, patut jadi soundtrack untuk Iron Man nanti.

[ Aku di-influence oleh Brit yang aku minat aje. That's it! ]
AraBiaN berkata…
tapi aku tau satu brit yang kau tak suka!! the only one manchester.. MANCESTER UNITED..!!! standby lah wahai chelsea.. we gonna get u.. amacam? mini gathering utk FA cup Final? ada berani???
thesandman berkata…
sod off!

gua OK kalau lu OK... lu la nanti kena jawab dengan mertua lu. HAHA!!
ajami berkata…
hi thesandman,

fyi, yangan Unggul Sdn. Bhd. sedang menganjurkan pertandingan mereka-cipta poster filem Anak Halal arahan Osman Ali. Sila klik link berikut utk keterangan lanjut:


sila sebarkan maklumat ini!
thesandman berkata…
terima kasih, ajami.