Isnin, Mei 21, 2007


Saturday's historic win brought the season to a close but there is still much to discuss. Many have been having their say on the Final.

The Goalscorer - DIDIER DROGBA
' I feel great. I'm just happy to score the first cup final goal in the new stadium. If we didn't win this cup we would be very, very frustrated. A lot of the players have been criticised this season but we are here. This is what Chelsea have shown since the beginning of the season. Between us we have to keep this team spirit. I have to say thank you to Roman and José because if it wasn't for them, maybe I wouldn't be at Chelsea. '

PETR CECH on the ball on the line moment
'He [Ryan Giggs] had both of his feet in my face so I couldn't even see the ball and when I had a look after that, it was before the line. But for me anyway it was a foul. I was holding the ball quite a long moment before he tackled so I knew it was not a goal.'

JOHN TERRY on collecting the trophy
' It was a long way up there but when you are up there, it is a great view and a great sight seeing all the Chelsea fans waving about. I feel really proud. Walking the last part of that walkway was really special. I was quite emotional. I did feel quite tired when we were celebrating but on an occasion like that, the energy comes from deep inside and that is what we have shown all season. Every captain wanted to be the first walking up those steps. Chelsea were the last at the old Wembley and we were the first at the new and that is special in its own right. '

JOSE MOURINHO on his moments after the final whistle and the future
' This is not just an FA Cup. It is the first FA Cup that we've won. It is an FA Cup against Man United. It is an FA Cup that means the opportunity to say in three seasons we've won everything that's important in English football. We've won six domestic competitions. Two Premierships, two Carlings, one Charity and now one FA Cup. United are the champions now. They have won one FA Cup. You can see the dominance of Chelsea. If I look forward I can see the same kind of fight. '


AraBiaN berkata...

nasib..... period.

thesandman berkata...

dalam bolasepak ada nasib ke?

gayour berkata...


thesandman berkata...

sometimes victory just isn't enough,czarnian!


( and tonite - Milan is gonna whoop Liverpool's a**! wohoo!!! )

niera berkata...

finally its all over kan?
cudnt stand all the hiruk pikuk dalam rumah when all the boys screaming mcm "dunia aku yg punya" huhu...

~ dateless for a week!! hate football!! ;(

thesandman berkata...

please dont blame the game...


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