Dear me,

Surely nothing seemed to be apparently ‘clear’ nowadays. Concurrently, the moment and time plunked at a standstill as I wrote this. The days went on as usual. Standard. Natural. Ordinary. Regular. Common. Typical. Normal. But the nights. The *nights*. Yes, the nights by some means are quite dissimilar than the days. The dreams do come and go; oftenly during my slumber. And it is remarkable how wonderful it can be when you really put a lot an effort onto that single thought.

I am de-focusing. Maybe I haven’t been putting my eyes on the prize. Distractions? Perhaps possibly so. In my case, the dream last night does actually rally around me a lot. It was so lucid. When you are in a state of trance, unconsciously (or perchancely conscious enough) abstracting away en route for that utter and implicit virtual terrain – therefore, hope is high.

Always but not for all eternity.

Truthfully sufficient, this is not just another queue or quote which I’ve picked up from Gaiman or Coelho or Gibran or Moore or Nasir(M.) any other of these sort of people (Murakami?). This is true. It is happening to me. I am guilty. Blameworthy and accountably wrong. I should’ve never undone my life like so and so. That’s why the dream last night approaches and… it is drawn closer, even though I am now stirringly awake. May I be pardon? Please. I just wanted to make myself ‘clear’ again.

I need that focus once more.