Khamis, April 05, 2007

So, how's my timing so far ?

[ Note : Bumped into them yesterday and all the best, to which I believe is the Karangkraf’s FMI Bowling Team; Apai, Kak Ina, Kak Ida and of course, the whole bunch of team photo Karangkraf warming-up at the mesmerizeful RM1 karaoke wonderland. M.Nasir got a plentiful of final nominations for this year AIM, plus THREE Best Songs nomination: Juwita, Sang Pencinta and Tujuh Nafas Lagi. Chelsea drew with Valencia 1-1. Getting to know Damien Rice, accidental MF Ajif and Ninja Turtles after work. Still contemplating for a new pair of shoes or sneakers perhaps. Any ideas ? ]
I have to write this fast. Swift and quick with speed. As fast as I could probably can(or is it the other way round and around?). TIME Maybe time is running out. Yes, go hear that song by Muse. Chasing us for reasons only god knows. But to be bluntly honest, I just feel the need to put this on paper. If, you(really) know what I(really) mean. Remember the time(!), when time used to move calm with senses of tranquility. Slowly. That time, my fellow friend; have passes us by. Time is no more of privilege. It has become ‘luxurious’. Only time will tell... Time life well.



niera berkata...

dont worry!
i'm not stalking you ;p
just love to read some thought here and there..jadi pedoman hidup ;)

thesandman berkata...

Nevertheless, I still need to know of thou persona... oh lady niera.

'is there that much to ask of dear me?


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