Isnin, April 02, 2007

meet the new weekend.

It rained and it rained heavily on Sunday… yesterday. It’s the weekend and I found it quite a blessing for me to sleep overtime. ‘Officially’ woke up past 11am. Pondered of going to the cinema; with my girl. Owh! Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Aku takde girlfriend(lagi). Ahehe! Tapi aku ada Farzana, Faris dan Fadhilah. Jadi, Sapa nak tengok wayang, cepat mandi. Lambat... TINGGAL !

One Utama was the destination. ‘Meet the Robinsons’ was the movie of the day. Initially, we planned for a 12.30pm screening but due to 'predicted' lateness, 12.50pm is the new time instead. We arrived later on and there goes your typical weekenders lining up for tickets. Again re-scheduled for a 2.10pm slot. As I queud up quitely pretending to be all calm and composed(sebenarnya geram line panjang nak M*&%#%$), I surprised myself by stumbling upon Syawal (of Karangkraf), with his fiancee and soon-to-be wife in May. As we chitty-chatter talking of things and stuff, deep infront was Fendi@Bob. A long friend of mine since high school in Subang and UiTM of Shah Alam. Bob, meanwhile, is a newly wed and I was his escort(pengapit-lah!) back then. With his wife, they both looked happy, smiley and everything. And my thoughts and feelings were considerately ‘high’ at that time. Attempting imaginations and hallucinations through and through. I leave the rest up to you people.

Now, back to the movie. Surprisingly enough, ‘Meet the Robinsons’ is a somewhat a breakthrough for Disney. No spoiler intended here but I’m totally amused and bemused by it. The approach, the message, and of course, the whole pacing and plotting of the story itself. Unorthodoxingly new-age(that’s the wording I’m looking for). My 'lil bro and sis enjoyed it. They had fun. If you are a grown-up watching this, you might understood something else entirely. That is, if you happened to be 'deep enough' to read in-between the lines. I wonder what will Mr.Walt Disney would have said about this once he is still alive today.


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