Iron Man Mark-1

Prototype endo-skeleton grey robosuit first worn by Tony Stark before advancing on to the slick hi-tech aerodynamic red/yellow armoury robosuit. Watch this space for updates. Thank you. This is theSandman reporting .

[ Before there's any fanboy uproar over the suit's decidedly rustic and monotone appearance, however, let's remember that first of all; this is a battle suit. So, of course it's gonna look worn and battered. Second of all, Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man went through several incarnations before he settled into the cutting-edge, modern-day, red/yellow power suit. The fact that they've taken the time to show a likely abbreviated evolution of the suit means they care at least a little bit about the source material. Either way, the above is one slick looking throwback/homage to Iron Man's original suit. ]

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niera berkata…
nanti bila nak tukar warna merah will he looks like more gagah perkasa than tin Man hehe..or sandman? :P
thesandman berkata…

macam gitu ye?

...tapi ye kan, gambar tu nampak macam tin man boroi dalam citer 'Wizard of Oz', kan?kan?kan?
gayour berkata…
crap! fragin crap!
Nazim Masnawi berkata…
Man, I'm sooo looking fucking forward for this flick. It's gonna be awesome!
thesandman berkata…

crap and frag is over-rated la gayour. kasik la komen lain...


you betcha!