" el communicator. "

[ weekends are primarily spent on cleaning up the bathroom, shopping toiletries at Carrefour, watching DVDs of ‘Finding Neverland’(I like this one) and ‘The Aviator’(yup… never had a view of it before), Sushi King, books at Kinokuniya, casual meeting with Kareno and Roy(Afterwork8 errands) and the new SS18 Subang Football Team(season ‘06/07) and futsal. Yesterday, brand new dial-up internet line replaces the previous wireless connection. I do believe that’s the first time I’ve used the word ‘new’ in one single paragraph. I am acutely serious about ‘new’ things. Inadvertently met Zeeka at Mamak Bistro, still pestering me of Teppanyaki. Today, a quick stop at one proverbial purple publishing house at Shah Alam.]

Do you possibly know or have any idea what’s the feeling like when your phone call was left unanswered, your SMSs left unreplied, and maybe perhaps both things happening at the same time? Especially when that particular call or message is something of great importance. Believe me when I said this sort of unrelentful occurrence happens all the time when more than ever, we need it fast; as soon as possible. But some of us(maybe me too) can be completely rational about the matter at hand.

*Maybe they’ve ran out of credits or perhaps can’t afford to buy any top-ups for the time being. *Maybe they’re in a meeting and couldn’t pick up you phone call. Maybe they’re recharging their handset and denied the privilege to reply/return your call/messages. Maybe they’d lost or misplaced their handset and cant’ sanely and irrationally figure out where they’ve put it before. *Maybe they’re sleeping, driving or withhold by a police road block along the way. *Maybe there’s no reception or connection at the place where they currently at. *Maybe
someone or somebody stole their handset while they carelessly let it slip away at a mamak or anywhere comfy for a ‘pencopet’ to do so.

So, how does it feel to you or to them when this sort of things happened with/without you knowing it? Please excuse yourself and please pardon them for doing so. I know I did. I’ve been both ; either side of the revelry. Anyhow, please, for the love of Almighty God; answer it and reply it if all of the justification above are not applicable. It mayhaps be imperatively important, you know?

( One which involves matter of feelings and emotions; in particular. )


niera berkata…
its happen lots of time to me la and by the end, i'm the one who will end up mereka alasan untuk senangkan hati sendiri eventhough rasa sakit hati..because first i did sent a text msg but no reply then called those but still no answered..rasa macam nak baling handphone dekat dinding..or in erti kata lain ~ depa ni harap h/p canggih tapi kredit tade..( wish i can say this tapi takut kecik ati huhu..) ~ kan dah termeluah perasaan hehe..:P

~ p/s consider me as ur no 1 mysterious fan will u ? hehe.. by the way i really enjoyed watching TMNT as it reminds me lot masa bangun tidor and tak mandi but terus ngadap t.v dulu-dulu ..rindu sangat.. :)
uSepp Best berkata…
rampant MAN UTD beat ROMA 7-1!!!!!!

hell yeah...!!!!!
thesandman berkata…

the feeling is mutual accept the fact that : aku tak rasa macam nak baling handphone kat dinding(tapi rasa nak tanam handphone dalam dinding) + dulu ninja turtles petang la, mana pulak pagi... auta dia ni! ;p Heheh!

[usepp yang memang tak paham bahasa]

pedulik hapa aku! Chelsea menang jugak, kita ketemu di FINAL. Lepas tu, rasakannn!!!
Tanpa Nama berkata…
Hmm...bila mr sandman hilang sabar :)
Yup! kau yang aku kenal memang jarang2 menghampakan panggilan si pemanggil... aku rasa orang yang kau nantikan tu pasti punya alasannya sendiri...dengar dulu penjelasan dia ya...atau mungkin dia dah balas panggilan kau tu? :)
thesandman berkata…

ya, aku memamg masih degil nak hilangkan rasa itu. Dan aku masih tetap ber'degil'!