a writer one day.

One day, hopefully people will say things like this and it's a sure sign that I've already made it in the real world --- being a writer :

" He is a... ehmmm (long pause), such a 'team player' with other people's creativity. He doesn't... he's not 'cheap' about his advice. He doesn't hold back because he's worried, you know... if you take it, then you gonna take 'something' from him. He's so giving with his observations and ehmmm, you know... he's a... he always crawling around back there in the trenches. He is always watching and listening to 'things' that you don't say. I mean, he's just studying everybody to see if they can be a character in one of his stories. Everybody is material for him. You know, if he is in the room... you better know, you're gonna end up in a story probably. And he is disarming because he is so charming. And when he speaks with you, you don't really realize that he is actually at work ".


Nazim Masnawi berkata…
Kalau aku, aku lagi prefer orang describe aku macam ni, "Nazim Masnawi? Man, what an asshole!"
thesandman berkata…
define a$$hole.

[ seriously ]