TRANSFORMERS : Transform and roll-out !

" One shall rise ... and one shall fall "


niera berkata…
i guess ilham comes more within yourself and yes from your observation on people too..
plus ilham with facts may come through your reading and for ladies.. adela sikit2 from wht we were gossipping around hehe..
thesandman berkata…
i'm glad that you understand... tapi kau ni sebenarnya sapa ek?

Ayuh, dedahkan dirimu!
Nazim Masnawi berkata…
It’s pretty impressive how real these robots look in relation to their surroundings. I have to tell you that, despite whatever those transfans have to say about the movie, I’m psyched for Transformers on a purely technical level.

HOWEVER, Bay still worries me. His last film, The Island is his most disjointed film yet (the action scenes didn't go smoothly with the plot at all!). This guy is getting worse by a film, so I dunno, man... I still dunno.
thesandman berkata…
yes,impressively impressive. I do believe in order to make it a good/fine/acceptable movie, they have to make it as real as possible. Hence, the mecha-ish appearance 'ala Gundam/Evangelion/Bionicles.

and Nazim... you worry once too much. Let it go. Just,let it go. The Island mungkin bukan 'hari baik' dia.