Ahad, Februari 04, 2007

THE 10 OF 2006 ( ...and 2007 and beyond)


( I am leaving Karangkraf )

... It's time for me to move on.

And so, I have finally quit and resign from my current job as a comic writer/journalist for G3 and formerly for JOM! of Kumpulan Karangkraf.

What do I tell people?

I have a career that has put me in a fairly impressive profile in the industry(and that depends on the industry you people are refering to). I've gained a whole lot of experiences and lessons in life. I've made a lot of contacts and a lot of friends. And I decided to stop what I am doing 9 to 5(8.30am to 6.00pm over here) because of numerous reason. But for THE REASON above all for you who had been asking of late is: IT IS TIME(get back on that later). Read on.

So I already gave my notice and now I'm on my way out. I'm now telling people that I am leaving and of course; the most popular one asked is: "where are you going?"

I don't want to say, "Nowhere. I don't have any job lined up. I quit because this and that and I'm tired here and there" because, you know... burning bridges is a bad thing, and also because the people I am telling are still going to be working with the company I am leaving.

No. I am not like that and it's not like that.

At all.

Before this, I gave people hints and clues. I have been telling people "I am pursuing other opportunities." But there are A LOT of the people that I am telling this to who I would actually like to work for. So, I guess my question is this:

"How do I tell people that I am leaving, and I do have another job lined up and I'd love to work with them and I am available for them, in a way that doesn't right out say... I quit this job because I'm not what I am before being OK doing things that I am comfortable with" because I don't want it to seem like I am slamming the company on my way out the door?

Come on. I'm going to miss you people. It's my FIRST job... my FIRST REAL JOB. And it is something that I am fluent and best at. You people have open doors for me.

Thank you.

Days like this, I always feel weird and sentimental. I found it almost obscure and sometimes peculiar... a brand NEW feeling. Weird because you're leaving something you've come to know so well to venture off into a new future, sentimental because you're leaving behind a load of memories and mainly because you know you'll be missing the people, you actually spent most of your day with for over 2 years... so much.

I believe it's always the people you get to know... how they touch your life... the different relationships you build with them, the good times, and even the not so good ones, that gets to you.

Why did I take this step? Well, I guess I just felt the time was right to move on, all the prognostic and divine omens were right, maybe the stars were in place too or whatever else you believe in. It just falls into my basic strategy of trying to set clearer GOALS for myself in life and to take the steps I see necessary to reach them. Moving on to something else in my career life was simply one of those steps.

I'd like to thank all the guys at work for the great ride. It was great getting to know you all and to get a chance to work with every single one of you. I hope that we'll get to carry our personal relationships well on into the future.

And again. I'd like to thank the company and the wonderful people in(and ouside) the company for having me as part of THE TEAM. I'm proud of these years that I spent in it, the role I had and the work I did. I'm very glad to see the company growing further and going on to higher grounds with their own special and unique plans.

I wish the very best.

This ain't a farewell speech. Like I said,
I am sure work is same everywhere you go really... is up to myself(and you) to make it interesting. But of course; having people listen to you is quite important as well. Always make work 'work' for you.

So I am pretty much looking forward to my new job soon. After this, it's a bold new direction(NEW... that's a word i like a lot lately, mind me). Less rest for me. It's fine and I'm cool. I am HAPPY with how things work out for me.

[ p/s ]
go here for my first day entry at Kumpulan Karangkraf : http://sandmanreborn.blogspot.com/2004_11_01_sandmanreborn_archive.html


vovin berkata...

Weh, bila ko start keje ngan Roy?

Ko handle sama project ngan Roy ke?

Ke ko tulis komik lain?

thesandman berkata...

No comment on that.

Wait for the announcement, lad.

its gonna be worth it.

areyoung berkata...

Haha. Kantoi!

Apapun, all the best bro. Gonna miss u badly. Serious shit (haha)

thesandman berkata...

No comment on that too...

Please wait for the press conference this Thursday.

( My God!... this reporters are everywhere! )

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