Besides being a True Blue Chelsea fan and also supporter of the 'ol Mighty Oranje Nederlands, some of you have already known me of being an odd follower of the Malaysia National Football team.

...and how is that you ask?

NO 1
There is something about those striking yellow and black stripes of Harimau Malaya during the glorious days of Ghani Minhat and Mokhtar Dahari which made an everlasting mark of impression. They somehow look heroic in that powerful jersey.

NO 2
Yes. There is still hope for our red, white, blue and yellow nation of Malaysia in the footballing arena. The craft has not been perfected yet... get that right formula, get that right recruits and get that lofty 'goal'. PERIOD.

NO 3
FAM - Hear this one out! The young guns go to Holland. The current squad call-ups must train at Stamford Bridge...

Here's an update(for those who don't really now nothing) of our Harimau Malaya.
Exit the three stripes of ADIDAS: enter the swoosh of NIKE, with a new symbol paying homage to local culture added to it.
The Malaysian national team will be clad in a new kit - the classic black and yellow stripes which is a throwback to the original strip formerly worn by Raja Bolasepak Malaysia, Ghani Minhat when Malaya first lifted the Merdeka Tournament 49 years ago, when they compete in the AFF Championship kicking off this Friday. Designed by the brand named after the Greek Goddess of Victory --- Nike;
The new kit features the stripes, which represent HARIMAU MALAYA, with the keris, the traditional weapon deeply entrenched in Malay culture and seen as a symbol of skill, strength and honour: embossed on the bottom left corner of the jersey(HOW COOL IS THAT?!!). The away colour is a reflection of the colours of the Malaysian flag(EXTRA COOL SIOOT!!!).
The last team to be attired in similar fashion was that of Abdul Rahman Ibrahim’s squad in 1998-2000. Wan Jamak Hassan’s class of 1996 emerged runners-up to Thailand in the inaugural AFF Championship wearing a similar kit designed by Adidas, whose three decade-long partnership with FA of Malaysia (FAM) ended on Dec 31, 2006.
But performance on the pitch is not dictated by what the players wear, unfortunately. While Malaysia can now claim to be in the exalted company of Brazil, Holland and Portugal among others for wearing a kit produced by Nike, can we proudly claim the same when it comes to what transpires on the pitch? The answer probably lies with the 11 players chosen to unveil the jersey during last night’s launch at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.
Here are some hightlights:
" But this cooperation will not only be about Nike being our new sponsors for the national team jerseys but also part of a new plan to usher in a new era in Malaysian football. With their extensive links in Europe and elsewhere, we hope that we can integrate Nike’s technical ability to the success of the Road Map which will be unveiled soon by sale of national team shirts."
- Dato’ Redzuan Tan Sri Sheikh Ahmad, the deputy president of the FA of Malaysia (FAM)
" This partnership with the national body has been akin to a synergy where both parties can attain the FAM. So it is a win-win situation where FAM is looking to more than just the mutual benefit. With this bold new cooperation, Nike will be servicing and supplying the FAM all equipments including those for the Academy boys and where it is hope that it will get young players motivated to play in the new national colours. What Nike knows is the taste of success and really following our work in Brazil, Portugal and France, there is no secret to success. All that young players’ need is inspiration and self-belief and through this partnership, we hope that we can provide just that. I hope that we can help the Malaysian Tigers regain the roar of yesteryears."
- Tim Parkinson, the Marketing Director Nike Southeast Asia.
The CHOSEN 11 for 2007 :
Syamsuri Mustafa, V. Thirumurugan, Kaironnisam Sahabuddin Hussain, Norhafiz Zamani Misbah, Irwan Fadzli Idrus, Shukor Adan, Fauzie Nan, Hardi Jaafar, Khyril Muhymeen Zambri, Safiq Rahim and Hairuddin Omar – are those most likely to emerge from the dugout in the AFF Cup(previously Tiger Cup). Most people claim to have little knowledge of them. With our football arguably at its lowest ebb, Malaysians these days are more familiar and passionate about the Galacticos or those multi-millionaires from the English Premiership.
Now, can the fierceful Tiger stripes and the powerful keris emblem herald a new era?

Now, does from IMPOSSILE IS NOTHING to JUST DO IT really make that big of an impact?
Only time will tell.
Support your National Football team of Malaysia.
Be patriotic.
Be a HERO.


usepp berkata…
yer.. aku jua mengikutinya.... mari kita mengambil iktibar dr citer sinking of japan dan cuba utk mensingkingkan singapore, thailand dan seantero asia tenggara... malaysia boleh!! proud supporter since olympic 2000 team enter the scene...
thesandman berkata…
Sepatutnya dah boleh gerak masa skuad pra-Olimpik 1992 dulu. Zaman Azman Adnan, Shahrin Majid, Mubin Mokhtar and the geng.

Tapi follow up slow... tu yang asyik re-start program jer manjang.

Second wave masa zaman Alan Harris: Akmal Rizal, Zamani Misbah, Hairuddin Omar and the geng. Meletup jugak! Tapi tak lama.