Ahad, Disember 31, 2006

THE 10 OF 2006

# NUMBER 5 :

It’s all about HEART - not that the spectacle falters; this is the finest popular entertainment since the Star Wars trilogy closed. Superman doesn’t fly - he soars. The film is magnificently mounted, it moves like a speeding bullet and it's so respectful of Superman traditions that even the pickiest of die-hard fans should love it. After a lapse of two decades, it revitalizes the franchise and makes it seem fresh and alive.

Grandly conceived and sensitively drawn. 'Superman Returns', which infuses its action with poetry, soars as a love story filled with epic yearnings, thwarted desires and breathtaking imagery.

Would the Man of Steel fly for a new generation of moviegoers? Could Bryan Singer resurrect the series Richard Donner and Christopher Reeve revitalized in 1978, which sputtered out in 1987, three sequels later?

Bryan Singer did the right thing. From the start of this gorgeously crafted epic, you can feel that Singer has real love and respect for the most foursquare comics superhero of them all, as well as a reverence for the Richard Donner version, which serves as his visual and emotional template. In 'Superman Returns' (written by Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris from a story they cooked up with Singer), the caped crusader for truth, justice and peace... Superman(Brandon Routh) returns to crime-ridden Earth after a five-year detour amid the remains of his home planet. Back in Metropolis - where, as Clark Kent, he gets his old Daily Planet job back, he learns that Lois Lane(Kate Bosworth) has a nice, good-looking live-in boyfriend (James Marsden) and a son, and to add insult to heartbreak, has won a Pulitzer Prize for her article "Why the World Doesn't Need Superman". Also back from a stint behind bars is master criminal Lex Luthor(Kevin Spacey) with heinous plans to create a new continent(?) at the expense of several million lives.

Mr. Singer aroused a feeling that I, as a victim of Chronic Summer Superhero Movie Fatigue Syndrome, wasn't expecting: I felt happy to have Superman back, as if I'd actually missed the guy. You know that you are in the presence of a very high order when a comic-book romance can actually produce a lump in your throat. Newcomer Brandon Routh may or may not be a real actor, but he effortlessly lays claim to the iconic role, just as Christopher Reeve did. Indeed, he virtually duplicates Reeve in the way he plays Kent as a diffident, awkward Midwestern/Smallville colt. Singer cleverly doles out his hero in small portions, so that we're left, like all those awestruck admirers in Metropolis, wanting more glimpses of him than we get.

The movie follows form by making Lex Luthor a comic menace. Spacey, who can do ironic megalomania in his sleep, has a decidedly lighter touch than Gene Hackman. Both he, and Parker Posey as his moll, are great fun to watch. But Luthor's evil schemes are the most nonsensical and forgettable aspects of the movie. Singer's real forte is lyricism. This "Superman", which infuses its action with poetry, soars as a love story filled with epic yearnings, thwarted desires and breathtaking imagery: Lois, spied on with her lover's X-ray vision, ascending in a skyscraper's elevator; Superman, zapped with kryptonite, descending silently and helplessly through space.

This sturdy, poetic fantasy proves that, of all comic-book heroes, the Man of Steel belongs to everyone.

Nothing makes me feel like a kid again like Superman and though 'Superman Returns' wasn't perfect, and could've been edited down, I admired the filmmakers' decision to make the movie, not a reimagining of the myth (a la 'Smallville' and 'Casino Royale' ), but a continuation of a 25-year-old movie series. At the same time they updated matters, and never more so than when Superman takes Lois Lane for yet another ride around Metropolis. As they hover over the city he asks her what she's hears. "Nothing," she says. "I hear everything," he responds. And that's the key. The problem with Superman has always been:

How do you find a credible villain? How do you create drama?

He is SUPERMAN: He should be able to defeat anyone. But perhaps the drama should be in his being Superman. In being able to hear everything. What a burden that must be. 'Superman Returns' suggest this. Not enough, but who knows, maybe that's the direction the sequel will go. Either way, it's good to have the big guy back.

It's good to feel like a kid again.

THE 10 OF 2006

Mighty Oranje. Why oh why?!!

# NUMBER 6 :

OH! Come on... we've been robbed, man! Let us hear what the players said after that agonizing match :

" It was a crazy game. We put in a lot of effort in search of victory. It’s hard to take being knocked out of the World Cup, after creating plenty of chances but failing to take them. We had no luck at all. The Portuguese defence kept it very tight. Being sent off the field isn’t a great feeling. "

" We’re all very disappointed about not getting through. We weren’t the weaker team. The most important thing was the support we received from our fantastic fans. "

" We were delighted about making the last 16 after the group we had, but this was a match we should have won. It was the best we’ve played in four matches and we didn’t deserve to lose. We had the better goalscoring chances, but we didn’t take them. "

" My feeling is we were the better team in the second half. It was an undeserved defeat. We’re headed in the right direction, but we’ve missed our target of making it into the next round. That’s a shame. "

" We’d rather have played badly today and won, and made it through to the quarter-finals. "

" We fought hard and we should have won. We had far more chances in the second half. "

" We’re angry and disappointed. We had plenty of chances, but that’s football for you. It’s awful sitting on the bench. You’re a fan and a player rolled into one. "

Kenapa kau ajer yang tak turun... wahai Marco Van Basten ku?

Rabu, Disember 27, 2006

Selasa, Disember 26, 2006

THE 10 OF 2006

# NUMBER 8 :

Tahun ni menyaksikan satu rekod untuk acara dan undangan persandingan yang sememangnya ada sangkut paut dengan perkahwinan. Kalau nak dihitung, ternyata 2006 adalah hari untuk ramai kawan-kawan aku kahwin.

Hari penyatuan ini memang statement lazim yang selalu ditanya-tanya oleh ramai orang kepada pasangan yang serius di alam percintaan masing-masing. Sebagai contoh: kat tempat aku kerja ni ajer, dah berapa ramai couple naik pelamin. Kawan-kawan sekolah pun sama saing... ratra-rata dah datang seru. CONGRATULATIONS SEMUA YANG DAH SELAMAT!

Kalau tak silap aku, ada lebih sedozen perkahwinan kawan-kawan aku untuk tahun ni ajer.


Itu belum kira lagi yang merancang nak kahwin, yang baru terfikir nak kahwin, yang nak tunang, yang baru plan nak tunang atau yang dah start terfikir serius nak serius dalam arena per‘couple’an lagik!!! Dahsyat! Dahsyat! Dahsyat betul the power of jodoh ni...

Isnin, Disember 18, 2006


15 - 17 DISEMBER 2006

Dengan rasa ujub dan taksubnya, kehadiran para fanboy telah membangkitkan semangat untuk aku memberikan aksi poyo ini secara EXCLUSIVE (rujuk filem 'Nacho Libre')
... 'nuff said!!!

Cabaran melukis komik 24 jam. Aku pun tak tau apa yang aku buat dalam gambar ni, begitu jua yang lainnya.

Nampaknya yang kelihatan dalam gambar ini adalah:

Tang Eng Huat(Kutu) ... pelukis Malaysia untuk komik terbitan DC Comics (Doom Patrol, The Authority, JLA, Batman: Journey into Knight)

Benjamin Ong ... penulis Malaysia untuk Newsarama.com (aku labelkan CNN untuk berita-berita komik terkini)

MiLX ... pelukis Malaysia untuk komik terbitan Marvel dan IDW (Silver Surfer, Frankenstein: Overdrive, Transformers: Infiltration, 30 Days of Night, Wake the Dead, Boudicca)

Aadi Salman ... pelukis Malaysia untuk komik terbitan IDW dan Devil's Due (Silent Hill: Dying Inside, Metal Gear Solid, Hack/Slash, Forgotten Realms vol II: Exile)

Chee ... pelukis komik Malaysia untuk komik terbitan IDW dan BOOM! Studios ( Tag: Cursed, Wake the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Horrorcide)

Aku menyelinap masuk ... ternyata percubaan itu berjaya!

Khamis, Disember 14, 2006

THE 10 OF 2006

# NUMBER 9 :

On December 15,16 and 17... Cineleisure Damansara will be transformed into a magical realm where comic, movie and fantasy characters will take centre stage. Malaysia’s FIRST ever Sci-Fi & Fantasy Festival will witness the biggest gathering of fans of science fiction and fantasy & is one of the BIGGEST and the COOLEST entertainment event of the year – a not to be missed event for those interested in sci-fi, fantasy, COMIC BOOKS, movies and entertainment in general.

There's also the COMICS ZONE to celebrate comics, Manga and cartoons as an art form. This Zone will feature a comics exhibition and a retail area where there will be comics related merchandise for sale. Writers, animators and artists will be invited to share their knowledge and experience. A Cartoonist Alley will be set up for artists to meet comic art fans and sell their original artwork. Other activities include a manga/comics drawing competition, an attempt to enter the Cedko CartooNovel of Records for illustrating a 24-page comics in 24 hours, etc.

This is a non-profitable promo write up for G3/JOM!/KLiK.

Thank you

Selasa, Disember 12, 2006

THE 10 OF 2006

Members of the "Heroes" writing/producing staff: Jeph Loeb, Aaron Coleite, Jesse Alexander, Joe Pokaski.


Thank you guys for HEROES. There was MAcGYVER, then X-FILES and of course, SMALLVILLE. Heroes is a serial saga about people all over the world discovering that they have superpowers and trying to deal with how this change affects their lives. Some of the superheroes introduced are strikingly profound to us comic book readers. Its about the next step of 'evolution of mankind'. A group of people aquiring special abilities in order to save the world. I have seen a lot of television in my time , but this is the best hour of television I have seen in recent years!

Selasa, Disember 05, 2006

MARVEL CIVIL WAR: The Great Debate


Forget about the law for a second. Forget about tradition, regulation or even public safety. The underlying issue, the thing that Captain America’s fighting so hard to protect, is FREEDOM.Tony Stark may be a futurist, but it’s Cap who’s looking at the long-term ramifications of superhero Registration, imprisonment and “rehabilitation.” Whatever gains are now being made to quell crime, ease public fears and regulate the superhero population will be for naught when government control supercedes civil liberties. With Tony in charge, if you have superpowers, you either get in line with the government or you go to jail. There’s no choice. There’s no freedom. And who takes over if and when Tony Stark dies? You better believe S.H.I.E.L.D. and the U.S. government have a plan in place to do anything and everything needed in order to retain control of the massive superhero populace. Could the U.S. become a police state? Not if Captain America can help it.


You may not want Iron Man to win the Civil War. But for the sake of the Marvel Universe, you’d better hope he does.Put aside his questionable methods and you’ll find a goal that’s beyond reproach: ensuring the safety of the civilian population. Think about it: Superhumans are one-man armies, some of whom have the power to singlehandedly level cities or even warp reality. These same “persons of mass destruction” have in many cases taken it upon themselves to fight crime, terrorism and tyranny (however they may define them) with no training or supervision. We wouldn’t tolerate such VIGILANTISM from a policeman with a pistol or a soldier with a machine gun; to permit it for people who carry immeasurably more power within their bare hands is both ludicrous and dangerous. And comparisons to racist policies like segregation just don’t wash: Iron Man wants superhumans to register and receive official training and licensing not because of who they are, but because of what they do—and what they do can be deadly.

and so, I ask you again...


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