Rabu, September 27, 2006

Where time flies...

Do we really realize how much time we spend on our PC, between work, blogging, message boards, friendster/myspace and other online stuff... it's amazing that we get out at all.

But then again, finding good company and someone nice to talk to is a good reason to get out of the office.


I was recently accused of living in a fantasyland of comics, cartoons, movies and etc. What's so worng with that... may I ask?

I'm a writer who's now working covertly on the other side of the desk trying to make it as a freelance story-teller, discovering what life is like pitching inspirations and ideas with some steady extra satisfaction(and maybe extra income)

: )

And if anyone finds a way to squeeze more hours into a day, please be sure to let me know the secret.

Meanwhile ...
the real work continues here


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